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Well, while thinking about how to go about answering this, I found myself asking what do you do if the one you love has a girlfriend. And, i dont exactly know the answer to this, but i know what I HAVE done. 1ST it'd probably be helpful to start out by telling her how you feel about her, and if that doesnt work, SHOW her how you feel about her by your actions and your sincereness. Sometimes its just easier to let go and let them come back to you once they realize what mistake they made by not getting with you in the 1st place. Do not everything, but many things, to make the two of them realize that they dont belong together, without making it too obvious that you are the but time heals MOST things, you must be sure you really do LOVE this girl, because if you do ...sometimes loving someone means letting them go so they can be happy, dont ruin a perfectly good thing if she really wants to be with him, but if you know that they arent right for one another, then help THEM realize it and be right there when she comes back to tell you all about it. hope i helped you in some way. LOVE-Kristin D. Unfortunately, this girl has a boyfriend and so you just have to wait. If you really love her, and you are both young, usually in the teen years the relationships never last, so just keep an eye on things and when she's split-up from him that's your time to walk right up to her and ask her out. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What do you do if the girl you love has a boyfriend?
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If he love you,he will give you chance.You can do something to him!

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