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What do you do if the key will not turn in the ignition of a 1994 Mazda Protege?


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2006-03-06 21:41:13
2006-03-06 21:41:13

The steering wheel should be locked when the car is in park. Move the steering wheel a bit then see if the key turns.


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Where is the flasher relay on the 1999 mazda protege

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the a\c clutch for the compressor is probably staying on when you turn the car off. It could be the ignition switch. or a bad relay.

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Yes. Mazda part numbers: w/Cruise Control BR75-66-120D w/o Cruise Control BR72-66-120G w/o Intermittent Wiper ("INT" position on stick) BR70-66-120G

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The rear disc break pistons on Mazda are not to be pushed in. Instead you turn them in clockwise.

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Without more information, it may be because of your foot.

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