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What do you do if the one you love just wants to be friends?

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You've got to get over him/her. You must move on. Find another GF/BF. Limit your contact with the person, and see other people. Don't be mean or vindictive, but maintaining too much contact will just prolong the agony for you.

2006-08-04 05:10:20
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Are you just friends or does he want more?

well honey, your the only one who can answer that.. and the guy your talking about. if you love him then ask him what his feelings are and if he wants to be more than just friends. if you don't love him but you think he likes you say that you are the best of friends and you wouldn't want it any other way! just to reassure him of you feelings... hope this helps sweetie.. love trisha xoxoxo

How do you be friends with a girl you like?

Be with her as friends and show no love just friendship then if you get along AND SHE DOSNT HAVE A BOYFRIEND then go one step further but before you do that make sure she looks in your eyes like she wants to kiss you

How can you tell if a guy just wants to stay friends?

...ask one of his friends (if you are their friend also) to ask him subtly

You and the girl you love were friends but one day she just started to hate you and you dont know why she wont talk to you and she hates you how do you get her to stop hating you?

you ask her y she hates u and if she doesnt have one of ur friends or her friends ask her it could just b her trying to get attention from you she likes you she wants you to continue asking her and talking to her she likes it

What do you do when you tell a girl you love her and she says she just wants to be friends?

well once you tell a girl you love her she obviously knows how you really feel about her. so instead of bugging her and killing yourself over her, respect her. acknowledge she wants to be your friend and accept it. it might hurt but just deal with it. remind her you will always be there for her and maybe she will come around one day when she realizes the love she can get from you.

What should you do when your boyfriend wants to be friends with benefits?

Personally, I would say no because he wants to use you for your body while just being 'friends'. He needs to choose: does he want to date you or does he just want to be friends? One or the other, not some combination of the two.

What are a werewolves wants?

Some werewolf's wants are just to be a werewolf, to scare their friends, get back at enemys, and to have one of the biggest secrets in the world.

Why would a guy tell you he's falling in love with you and wants everything when he looks at you to 3 days later saying he just wants to be friends?

Backwards! There is no greater falling in love (I would call it intimacy) than that happening between friends. But when that happens, it happens when you are first friends. Not like you describe it. This sort of progression, from "falling in love" to "friendship" only tells me that he has cooled off on the relationship. This looks not like a "builder" but more like a "copout". You need to move one. This is not going anywhere. But, of course, I might be wrong. So, please, do me a favor and ask him why he is no longer in love and wants to be just friends? That should do it! Get more help on relationships on my Bio Page.

What is the best way to break up with a girl friend?

Say: "I'm sorry but, we aren't working out." Then Say : "If you would like, we can be friends." ^ DO not suggest the friends thing. No one wants to be friends with someone their in love with - it is a slap in the face. Just be honest about it, and be as nice/reasonable as you can.

Who are your friends?

well your friends are someone who care about you. who doesn't judge you, some one who wants to be your friend because of who you are in the inside. also someone who is always there for you and love hanging out with you.

How do you be friends again and no one wants to?

just leave them for a few days till they have no one to play with and they will come to your door asking to be friends again if that doesnt work find new friends or say sorry to her or him

How do you tell a girl that after months of us telling each other you love one another as just friends you infact love her romantically?

just tell her she may actually love you like you love her....

What is the meaning behind one last love song by the beautiful south?

a friend you lost touch with wants you back and to be more than friends?

What are the signs that a guy wants to be your friend?

One sign is when he just talks to you without thinking about what to say and how to say it ! If you think a guy just wants to be friends see if he flirts with other girls ! Good luck ;)

How do you know when your girl best friend wants to hold hands while I'm a guy?

Usually if you are just friends then holding hands is not going to occur however, if one of you wants to and it is ok with the other then chances are this is the next step in your relationship as this is going beyond just friends.

What should you do when you still love and miss your ex boyfriend but chose to end it because he said he never loved you and just wanted to be friends with me?

You cannot make someone love you and since he hurt you by telling you he never loved you and just wants to remain friends tell him you have enough friends and don't need one more and then go your separate ways even though it hurts you deeply. In time you will meet someone that you truly should be with.

What does it mean when you just met this guy and he has one of his friends ask for your phone number?

It means that he wants your number so he can contact you!

I am in love with my best friends sister what steps should I take?

Because you are best friends and want to date his sister be honest with your best friend and whether they like it or not his sister is the one that decides if she wants to date you.

Can you be friends with your first true love?

Yes, you can be friends before you realize you're in love with them or in the midst of you finding out. A lot of people say the one they are in love with are their friends, sometimes their best friends.

What if both of your friends go out but you like him?

Show him your the one he wants

Can you be just friends with someone you're in love with?

AnswerYes, I believe you can be friends with people you are in love with. You need to be friends first and then fall in love; so why yes this should answer your question.ANSWERIt definitely is not an easy position to be in but I too believe it's possible to be 'just' friends with the one you love.When you love someone, you want to spend time with that person and if a love-relation is not possible, than being friends is the next best thing. And who knows..your friend might one day start feeling the same way about you too...It is possible. However even if you start out as just friends. And the other person doesn't feel the same way as you. Be ready to eventually get hurt. Because when she does find the one. You will be happy. You will also be heart broken. You will be happy that she is happy... she will beaming and full of smiles. But your heart will be broken cause you will not be the one making her smile.

If a guy really wants to see you does the mean he likes you?

Often, if a boy really wants to see you, especially one-on-one time, then yes, he likes you. Whether it's more than just friends or not can be harder to determine.

How do you tell if he wants more than friends?

have your friend ask one of his friends. it WORKSS trust me.

Can you be friends with a former boyfriend?

Yes, you can be great friends with a former boyfriend! Just as long as one or both of you isn't still in love or holding a grudge. And don't force friendship, either! Just text and talk almost as often as you normally would and just leave out the "I love you"s.

Why would your girlfriend always need her friends around when you go out?

Well,from what I know about relationships(which is alot),I think that maybe your girlfriend is just using her friends for protection,as in,she doesn't want to fall into a situation with you where you guys get out of control(sexually)and neither one of you can stop yourselves.With her friends there is practically no way she can fall into that situation.Then again maybe she just wants to spend more time with her friends or you and the best way to do it is to get you guys together.She probably just wants y'all to get along and let neither one of you to be jealous because of who she spends her time with.