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Just find another girl. You cant make anyone love you back bro.

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Q: What do you do if you are in love with a girl but she just wants to be friends?
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Could Two friends of 5 yrs and the girl is in love and he just wants to remained friends how does she just be his friend?

Yes they can just because the girl loves the guy doesnt mean you have to not be friends you can love a friend. Its happen to me before and then the guy started to lik me back So maybe it will work out for you eventually just be friends

Could a girl that says she wants to be friends act like she wants a deeper relationship?

Yes it could happen where a girl just wants to be friends, but later has a deeper relationship with that person. Time will tell whether she does or not. Some people mean they just want to be friends, while some people say it to protect themselves at the time from falling in love.

What does a man mean when he says ' lets just be friends '?

When a man says that-he most probably means that he dosent love the girl in a relationship way and dosent want to have a love relationship with her. It means he just wants to be friends, no relationship

What does it mean when your boyfriend just wants to be friends?

it means that your boyfriend doesn't love you anymore or your boyfriend started to fall in love with another girl. wot a shame

What shoud you do if a girl only wants to be friends?

Just be cool with it and calm down and someday you'll fall in love if she has a crush on u.

Should you wait around for this girl that just wants to be friends right now but said there is a possibility of dating in the future?

Depends how much you love her.

How can you get positive reply from a girl.the girl already love other guy?

um she could say that she wants to be friends if that's wat ur sayin or just that u want to be friends

What does it mean when a girl says she likes you but just wants to be friends?

It means she only likes you as a friend and wants to stay friends unless she tells you that shes in love with you but still wants to be friends then theres a whole bunch of other theories.She doesn't want to date you. She likes you as a friend nothing more. (:

Why would a guy who liked you for so long and is married want to mess around with his friends girl?

maybe he's just bored and wants something new or he just wants what he cant have.. but that doesnt mean he doesnt love you.

What do you do when you tell a girl you love her and she says she just wants to be friends?

well once you tell a girl you love her she obviously knows how you really feel about her. so instead of bugging her and killing yourself over her, respect her. acknowledge she wants to be your friend and accept it. it might hurt but just deal with it. remind her you will always be there for her and maybe she will come around one day when she realizes the love she can get from you.

If a girl tells she dont love you but still talks with you?

That means she wants to be friends right now or she likes another person.So just take it slow. From, Cleo1949

You love this girl but when you told her you liked her she said she just wnted to be friends But you really love her what should you do?

Just be friends so she can come around to the idea that you love her.Trust me speking from a girl i think you should take the advice:D

What will you do if you still love the girl but the girl wants to move on to what have happened to your relationship in the past?

All you have to do is move on! Just like her. Find SOMEONE else, and just be friends with you girl you still like. You have to expect that there will be breakups in your first relationships because you are just getting started.

How do you be friends with a girl you like?

Be with her as friends and show no love just friendship then if you get along AND SHE DOSNT HAVE A BOYFRIEND then go one step further but before you do that make sure she looks in your eyes like she wants to kiss you

Can you still be in love if you want to be there friend?

yeah, l am ten and i had a girlfriend, and she wants to just be friends but i still love her

How can you let someone you love who just wants to be friends go?

because is too painfull

What does it mean when a guy tells you Bye Love but we are just friends?

it means that he wants to have sex

When a man says love you to a girl?

It could mean either he's in love with her or he wants to sleep with her or its just a friendly I love you.

What if a girl says i love you and you are my 1 friend?

just say we are friends

What if your girlfriend just told you that her friend just told her that he is in love with her and she still wants to be friends with him how do you handle that?

Tell her to tell him the truth and discuss with him what it means to be friends.

How do you get a guy who just wants to be friends to kiss you?

You can't make him love you if he doesn't. Respect his boundaries.

How do you get your ex to love you again if she likes you but just wants to be best friends?

Sorry bud, but if she said that she just wants to be best friends, that's most likely what she means. When women say they just want to be friends that means they really have no sexual intrest in you. So you should just let it go.

What does it mean when a girl always talks to you and and makes fun of you?

Its kinda obvious.. Im a girl myself... She EITHER likes you, is in love with you, she just wants to do that for nothing or she's friends with you. Good luck with her

Why is she so concerned about hurting me she has difficulty facing me now. no response. I know even tho I love her she just wants to be friends. Does she partially like me o.O?

If she wants to be friends, she probably just wants to be friends. By the sounds of it, she's trying to send you a red light signal. So give her some space.

What do you do if you are in love with your guy friend and he knows but he just wants to be friends with benefits?

Ditch him and find someone else.