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It's wonderful you are friends with your ex, but this is a time you should learn to be a little more independent and stand on your own two feet. When you know you don't need a man in your life to enjoy life, then that's when relationships work out. If you enjoy the time you have with him and he treats you well be happy, but with the rest of your time start having a more social life and get out dating again. This will intrigue him even more and make you more independent.

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Can you still be friends if he doesn't like you?

Doubt it. You can try your best to be friends with him, but if he doesn't like you then there would be a lot of awkwardness.

How do you tell your best friend who love you that you dont love him and still be friends?

you just say look I'm not interested in you but would still like to be friends

Does Ashley still like Vanessa?

yeah cause there still best friends

What do you do when you like your friend who has a boyfriend?

I would still be friends with them if my friend would still talk to me.

How do you get a boys heart?

if you want a boys heart, get to know him. become his best friend and then see if you still like him. If you do the ask him if he would like to be more then friends. If so, then go for it. If he doesn't you can always be friends.

Does still christen beadles like Justin Bieber?

they are best friends

How would you want to be chreated if your best friend said they like you?

Eather date them or don't if u don't tell them you still wanna be friends

If you are a girl and you have a boy best friend forever how do you tell him that you like him?

yes. if the boy doesn't like the girl then they'll still stay friends if they're true best friends.

There is a girl you like but your best friends hate her what do you do?

you still try to get with her. it doesn't matter what your friends think, its not their life. if they don't like your decision, then screw them

What are some best friend quotes like a friend would do this but a best friend would do that?

friends would be bailing you out of jail best friends would be in there with you saying awww shoot we screwed up again

My best friends thinks I like her boyfriend who is one of my other best friends and I don't but she won't believe me what should I do to convince her I don't like him that way and still be friends?

What you can do is tell her you really don't like her boyfriend and that you you like him only has a friend and that if you did like him you'd tell her

You hate your best friends boyfriend what do you do?

boyfriend before friend?? no. ya she wouldn't break up with him because u don't like him but she not going to stop what shes doing to be with him she has friends to and i would definetly NOT treat my friends like that but the best thing u can do is still hate him but nothin can break them up. i learned that

What happens if you don't like your best friend and you like another?

Become friends with the new person, and still be friends with the old one, just not as much.

Why boys love their best friends girlfriend?

Best friends are best friends because they share similarities. Lazy or hopeless guys love their best friends' girlfriend because he would like the same kind of girl.

What do when i like ma best friends cuzen but i heard you shudn't date your best friends relatives?

theres nothing wrong with that a bunch of people dated there best friends cousin and that's how they became friends and they still are even though they broke up but they all became friends

What if your best friend asked you out but you still act like friends at school?

You shouldn't hide anything from anyone. If your together then you should show it, you shouldn't pretend to still be 'just friends' if your not.

Why would an ex still wan to hear from you after he broken up with you?

because he still wont to be friends i hade one like that it is hared to see and talk to them still but with out pain of a brake up and still being friends the wolerd would be full of hate

If you like a girl who is one of your best friends and your pretty sure she likes you back what should you do?

tell her the truth, if she says that she doesn't like u back, then ask if u can just forget about it and still be best friends.

Does tori like beck out side of the show?

no, Victoria says that they are just best friends and would never go out becasue if they broke up they would still have to face each other in rehearsal.

How do you get a boy to like you when he likes someone else?

Your best chance is to first become friends, talk to him like you would talk to your other friends and as you become better friends he could start to like you.

Do you go with prom with your best friends sister or someone you dont know at all?

i would say more with your best friends sister, it would be more like as a friend thing in a way.

What do you do if your best friends cousin likes you?

If your best friends cousin likes you? um... well what i would do is tell my best friend and i would also want to make sure that if you where to go out with her/he it would not make them mad! But if you like them then i guess you could ask him/her out but i would wait for him to ask you out! but if you don't like him back just tell "Sorry i really don't like i am not trying to be mean, but maybe we could just be friends.

What is the best way to get an ex back?

By telling them that you still have feelings for them, but first, tell them you want to be friends, then say look i still really like you.

When a girl dumps you and asks if you can still be friends and you start acting like best friends a couple of days after the break up what does this mean?

Pretty much you guys still like each other,but you guys dont know what to do ,so you guys just stay as "best friends". Well it could just mean that she's trying to show you that being friends is all your doing. Don't try to make a move on her, unless she does and you both want to or something. But, if you don't like her anymore, you can tell her this nicely and still be friends.

What would you do if you found out that your best friend likes the same boygirl you like?

Let her or him take him or her so you wont fight over one person. At least after that you two are still friends.