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u should just tell her that you really love the guy and want him to be part of your life and your babys life you don't want the babi to grow up without a father my moms was the same way but now shes gotten used to the idea! good luck! Tiffany k.(garcia)

AnswerIf I were you then I would talk to your mom again. If she says no then I would listen to her because first of all your under 16 and he's 18. That's statutory rape.If you were 16 then it would be o.k. but your not. Somebody could tell on him and he could go to jail. It doesn't have to even be your mom it could be someone like your teacher or anybody else. I know you love him and you're pregnant but just live home and he can go over there anytime to see the baby. Your mom can't tell him to not come and see his kid. It's not like she is stopping you from being together. AnswerYou're a minor which means that your parents have control over where you live and who you see. The fact that you're pregnant makes no difference, in the regard that *you are still considered to be a minor*. Now, I'm sure that fact doesn't please you. I'm also sure that your mother is not pleased by the fact that she's about to become a grandmother. And no doubt, she'll spend a great deal of time and money helping to raise this grandchild. So what should you do? Listen to your mother. You've probably already made her angry enough by getting pregnant, do you really want to make her more angry? Do you want to give her a reason to call the police on this man? If you move in with him without her permission then she can have you picked up and have him charged with something along the lines of 'contributing to the delinquency of a minor'. Then someone (be it your mom or the police) might mention the words 'statutory rape'. In just about every state, someone under the age of 16 has not reached the 'age of sexual consent' so this man has committed a felony by having sex with you. He could go to prison for that. It would be easy to prove his guilt, because once that baby's born a DNA test will prove that he's the father. Use your brain! Don't give your mother a reason to become any more upset than she already is. AnswerTake time to let your mom adjust to the situation. Let her know your boyfriend is her grandchild's father and you want him to be a part of yours and your babies life and you want her to be included in your new family. A lot of times in this situation many people act on emotions and do not take the time to think. Your mom may be worried about not being able to help you through the pregnancy, also you'll need her help and advice after the child is born.
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Q: What do you do if you are under 16 and pregnant and want to move in with your 18-year-old boyfriend but your mom will not agree to it?
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