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Contact the Insurance Commissioner, they probably had the company taken over by another company.

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Q: What do you do if you have a policy with a company that has declared bankruptcy?
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Can bankruptcy court get the proceeds of a life insurance policy?

The Bankruptcy Court has every right to claim the proceeds of a life insurance policy once you are declared by them as insolvent.

What happened to Red ball motor freight?

The company declared bankruptcy in 1982.

How old was Michael Jackson when he declared bankruptcy?

He never declared bankruptcy.

Can a person who declared bankruptcy be bondable?

Can a person who declared bankruptcy be bond-able?

What car company will run out of money by the of the year 2009?

GM just declared bankruptcy.

When was the Bankcard company declared bankrupt?

Bankcard company need to carefully manage their budget as do all companies really. Overspending or not earning enough can cause companies to declare bankruptcy. Even famous companies like THQ declared bankruptcy in 2012.

What companies have filed bankruptcy in Michigan?

While many small companies (mom and pop) business have declared bankruptcy the biggest is GENERAL MOTORS who declared bankruptcy.

What if your condominium declares bankruptcy?

Your condominium association is a public company. There are several types of bankruptcy, and the type chosen by the association will determine how business proceeds once bankruptcy is declared. Read more, below.

If you acquire assets of a company in a sale do you have to pay their vendors what is owed?

Has the company declared bankruptcy? If so, what kind of bankruptcy? Does the company still exist or is it being liquidated entirely? What kind of agreement exists with the vendors? Are you buying the company, or just its assets? It can work either way, depending upon the circumstances.

When was the Nationwide insurance company declared bankrupt?

There is no easily obtainable record of the Nationwide insurance company declaring bankruptcy. Currently, they are an active company, with enough profit to donate to charitable causes.

What is bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legally declared or recognized condition of the insolvency of a person or organization.

Can you hold your passport after you get declared bankruptcy?

A bankruptcy filing or discharge in bankruptcy should not have any effect on your US passport.

What banks offer accounts for those that have declared bankruptcy?

There are a couple of banks that offer accounts for those that have declared bankruptcy. Wells Fargo and TCF Bank offer accounts for those who have filed bankruptcy.

Why did Anchor Blue declare bankruptcy?

Anchor Blue declared bankruptcy because it had more debt than assets and did not believe it could pay its creditors. The company had been loosing sales to its competition, which included American Eagle.

Why was twinkies discontinued?

The company that made Twinkies declared bankruptcy. As of early 2013 the brand is in the process of being sold. When the sale is completed, Twinkies will return.

Many struggling American industries declared?


If you have declared bankruptcy can you serve as an army ranger?


The act of being declared legally insolvent?


Can you force a company in receivership into bankruptcy?

Recievership is bankruptcy.

Insurance company in the Philippines that declared bankruptcy?

according to history no insurance companies has been bankrupt because all insurance companies are under the insurance commission which is a government body. in addition, there's no gov't. body has been into bankruptcy. only pre-need companies are going into bankruptcy.

What does Bankruptcy Judge do?

They review the bankruptcy plans of those that have declared bankruptcy. They evaluate the plan to determine if it is as fair as possible to all concerned. They approve the plan and it is then executed.

Any assets remaining after bankruptcy is declared go to the?


Will bankruptcy protect me from foreclosure by my mortgage company?

Yes, bankruptcy protect you from foreclosure by your mortgage company. You can read more at

If someone has declared bankruptcy must they still pay child support?

Yes. Filing bankruptcy does not end your obligation to your offspring.

What s originated policy?

These policy stern from the declared of organizations

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