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If you know he likes you, he may be unsure whether you like him back. Also remember he can't flirt ALL the time, so put him at ease, chat to him, put forward the suggestion of seeing a film or going for a coffee, otherwise he may get bored of waiting to find out your feelings.

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Q: What do you do if you know a guy likes you and you like him but he sends mixed signals but most of the time he is obviously flirting?
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How do you know he likes you he sends mixed signals like flirting with you then flriting with other girls around you asking about guys im interested in and shutting down the guys im interested in?

i think you need to be honest with him and ask him if he likes you or not maybe he is showing of and doesn't want anyone to no he likes you if that makes sense

What do you do if a girl sends mixed signals does it mean she likes you?

Not really just ask her

You are a 16 years old girl and you think that a guy likes you and he is with another girl but he keeps on giving you mixed signals so what should you do and how can you know if he really likes you?

When a guy is sending mixed signals it usually means it's time to move on. Even if he thinks you're cute obviously he thinks the other girl is too and unless you plan on sharing him with her its probably time to let him know your a one man woman.

Theres this guy who keeps sending you mixed signals what should you do?

Have a friend asks who he likes. Hope he answers truthfully,or ask him yourself if he likes you. Your choice, pick wisely.

How can you tell if a man likes you or not when you keep getting mixed signals?

Ask Them Yourself !

Does one of my best friends like me as a girlfriend as we are always flirting and we have dated before but recently he has been sending me mixed signals what should i do?

Don't avoid the problem ask him straight out what he wants. Tell him how you feel and go from there. He might only be sending you mixed signals because he doesn't know if you like him back

What does it mean if a girl that you have been friends with but is always sending mixed signals suddenly presents you to her family?

it means that she likes you just go with it.

Why do men send mixed signals to women?

this is a silly question. Mixed signals are a two-way street, I would just as quickly ask you; Why do women send mixed signals to men?

If a guy sends you mixed signals how do you find out if he likes you?

if a guy sends you mixed signals it means that he likes you, but he still thinks there is something better for him. I know from personal experience (doing this to others and having this happen to me) that if a guy gives you mixed signals; just back off him. If he doesnt know for sure that he wants you, dont let him have you. Go and flirt with other guys in front of him-you need to make him see that your a valuable girl and that lots of guys want you. It will take time, but soon enough he will come back to you and ask you out. :)

Shes confused and is sending mixed signals?

She is sending this mixed signals because she does not know yet if she is ready for a relationship with you. Maybe she is because you are the one sending mixed signals and she is because she does not know if you like her.

How do you determine Mixed Signals?

if you are getting signals from someone and you're not sure what they mean by those signals I wouldn't say that's mixed signals I'd just say they were confusing signals. however if you get a clear signal from someone and then another clear signal/reaction that contradicts it, then you would have received mixed signals.

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What to do if you are in love with someone and they give off mixed signals?

Wait, if she/he still give mixed signals, then you can tell him your true feelings.

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My friend told me he didn't like me in the past which i managed to accept for the past 3 years now i can't stop thinking about him and all your friends say that he keeps sending you mixed signals?

if the boy talks to u or loks at you then he likes you but if he doesnt then he doesnt like you but if he is giving u mixed signals then he loves u

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How do you know if she likes you when she sends mixed signals?

well, mixed signals means she does like you. Girls are sometimes shy and sometimes just blurts out how she feels sometimes, but then shy away. The common feelings are girls feel as if you like them back but then doubts and kind of acts different. Talk to her about how you feel and ask her how she feels and just you know, just talk to her

Me and him were sat on the top bunk at my friends house and he was flirting loads when his friend asked if he liked me he said no im getting mixed messages do you think he likes me?

He probably does but the way his friend asked him embarrassed him so I think he does.

Is it wrong to flirt date a guy with a mental disorder I don't know exactly what he has he's just socially awkward and not all there?

If you are not sure, you should not flirt around with him. He may have a mental disorder, which can be exacerbated by flirting or contact that leads to mixed signals.

How can i figure out his mixed signals?

One way to figure out someone's mixed signals is to simply ask them. Many people don't realize they're giving off any signals at all and would much rather be approached directly.

Why do boys have to give you mixed signals?

Boys give mixed signals when they are unsure of what they should do or if they are not completely interested. Boys are usually learning to better understand girls before they mature.

Men sends mixed signals?

If a man is sending mixed signals you may have to take a direct approach and let him know that he is confusing you. It is not fair to keep you guessing as to his feelings if he is not being clear.

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