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Boy, that's a switch, men usually leave for a younger woman! I am sorry to say that either this man needed someone more mature or he has a "mother complex" (someone to look after his every need like a child.) Don't blame yourself, but it's wise to move on. Don't listen to the "I love yous" because he's made his choice.

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What is your idea of a modern woman?

Someone who loves to shop and loves to talk. My idea of a modern woman is someone who loves gadgets and loves to go anywhere.

What to do when your husband loves you but you loves somebody else?

Well then you shouldn't have married him if he loved someone else! If you just found out he loved someone else, then talk about it with him and if its true, ground him from being with this other woman/man. If he still loves that person, i guess ya gotta get a divorce, sorry :(

My ex still calls me to tell me he loves me but he is sleeping with other girls what should you do?

Sorry to tell you, but sounds to me the your ex is a jerk since he just CAN"T sleep with another woman and tells you he loves you. If you still have any feelings for him, my best advice is to get rid of them because it isn't fair to you and to the other woman. I mean if he still loves you, then why does he sleep with another woman, its just wrong, and to tell you, i hate men/boys telling you they love you, but doesn't actually show you that he loves you or has someone else. I know that (if you still have any feelings for him) its not easy getting rid of feelings for somebody, but just remember that no one can love someone if they're sleeping with someone else, it just means that they're a two-timer and a jerk.

Talk about a woman who loves tough?

someone who gives her all for that special somebody..

How do you get a woman you love and she loves me to want to be with me when she also loves someone else?

she loves you but loves some one else as well? that's bs. that isn't love. not even close.

What if he got a girl pregnant but still loves you?

I don't think he loves you that much. If he did, he would never have gone out with someone else. Do you really want to start a relationship with someone that is burdened by a child? It will be a part of your life as well, which means that the other woman is also going to be a part of your life, like it or not.

What do you do when your boyfriend marries another woman and he say he still loves you and you still love him too?

Forget him and move on. He is married to someone else and is using you if he tells you he still loves you. After all if he loved you why did he marry another person? You are very lucky he didn't marry you because this man is a cheat and a player. Any man who does this is not worth your time.

Should you date a woman that still loves her ex but knows its going nowhere?


What does it mean when a man is sweet on a woman?

When someone says a man is sweet on a woman it means he is very attractive to her and possibly even loves her.

How do you give someone malaria?

well when a man loves a woman alot they do this special bondage ceromony

What flower can tell you if someone else loves you?

When a man/woman gives you a ROSE that means they love you

Why would a woman who is with someone else say she still loves you and that she made a mistake with the new person and is not happy?

Maybe for her, that is true. Sometimes the heart and the head don't exactly line up.

When Marriage of younger men with older women?

A marriage between a younger man and older woman is not as easily accepted as that of a younger woman and older man. When a younger man marries and older woman, there are still some people who assume money is involved and it may not be a marriage based on love.

What does bag a cougar means?

It means date someone who is a lot older than you. Typically a cougar is used to describe an older woman.

Can an older man still get nervous around a woman he likes?

Not in the same way but yes(:

How can a man prove to a woman that he loves her?

He can buy her flowers and tell her he loves her and hug her and kiss her and spend alot of time with her and txt her and if you dont have a girlfriend ask someone you like out. :)

Will a younger guy love and older married women?

He might, it depends on how the guy feels. If the guy truly loves this woman, age will not matter to him. :)

What is coco chanel's target market?

the traget market for CHANEL is mainly the affluent older woman, who loves to wine and dine in a classy manner.

When was When a Woman Loves - song - created?

When a Woman Loves - song - was created in 2009.

Which is older Woman or Lady?

To me I think a woman is older than a lady

How do you make an older girl loves you?

You cannot "make" any woman love you. It must come from her not from you. Woman look for security and commonalities. Put yourself in a better position to be seen in those terms.

Why would a woman put up with a man who has feelings for another woman and why is he still there if he loves another woman?

Well you tell her the truth about your afare with this ho, and maybe she will give you sex for telling the truth.

How do you help a friend whose husband is cheating on her when she still loves him.?

Say nothing. If she still loves him and you tell her, she will hate you for ruining their marriage. If you cant sy nothing, then take her to places where he will be with the other woman and let her find out for herself. Then be there for her as a friend.

What does Da-da-yanu mean?

Da-da yanu is when a man loves a woman and...... Da-da yanu is when a man loves a woman and...... Da-da yanu is when a man loves a woman and......

You married someone in Canada you found out he was married to someone else how can you find out is he still married to her?

you will ask the woman if she still marry or not, if she stay talk you read the lips