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What do you do if you lose your job while in the process of finalizing a car loan?

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With no job you might want to rethink whether you need a new car!

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What is the purpose of loan protection?

The purpose of loan protection is to protect and insure that the loan is covered. This protects the owner of the loan meaning they will not lose money.

If you cannot make payments on your loan you?

... will lose your car and you will lose points from your credit score.

Should you use your home equity loan to pay off your car loan?

I would need more details but in general, the answer is no. If you don't pay your car loan, you lose the car. If you get a home equity loan and can't repay it, you lose the house - big difference.

Can Cosigners on student loans lose their homes?

There is a potential that you could lose your house but that would be very late in the collection process. When you co-sign a loan (doesnt matter if it is a student loan or otherwise) you are assuming FULL responsibility for the obligations of the loan (including payments due as a result of default and late payments) in the event that the primary borrower defaults. The creditors have the option to come after you and it is possible they would go after your house.

What does Life estate means if the property in debt?

the specifics may vary, but generally, a life estate means that you only have the property while you live. You can still lose the property, though, if you use it to secure a loan and then default on the loan. Call your lawyer.

What is the process when plants lose water to the atmosphere?

Transpiration is the process through which plants lose water to the atmosphere.

What does Loan Loss allowance mean?

Amount of money that a bank might lose because of its loan not being fully repaid.

Did Michael Weatherly lose his inheritance?

no - in fact he was asked to repay a loan

How can a business lose money for many years and have still plenty cash?

The business can lose money while still keeping up with loan payments. Eventually, the choice becomes whether to use the cash to reduce those loans or borrowed money.

If husband and wife is on the loan for a home and the wife goes bankrupt will the husband lose the home?

if they cant pay for it they will lose the home

What are equity loans and how can I get one?

A home equity loan or line of credit (heloc), can be obtained from a bank while putting up collateral. In most cases, this would be your other words, if you fail to make a payment on this type of loan, you can lose your in this economy, be careful!

Is it normal to lose weight when your sick?

Yes; the condition is known as 'wasting' and happens most often when your body is unable to process food while sick.

What happens if you default on a loan used to purchase a lot?

If you default on a loan used to purchase a piece of property you usually lose the property through foreclosure.

What happens if I don't repay an auto title loan?

You will lose the car if the Auto title loan is not paid. The lapse in repayment can result in reposession of the car.

What is guaranteed mortgage loans?

A guaranteed loan of any type is a loan that is backed up by your automobile, home or anything else of equal value that you put up to back the loan. This is not the best type of loan to take out because you can easily lose the item you put up for collateral against the loan if you do not make a timely payment. Many times and depending upon the contract for the loan, you could lose your car if you miss a payment for only one day. Read the fine print.

During what process does gas lose heat and change into a liquid?

The process of condensation.

By which process do cells lose water?


Should you get a payday loan?

A payday loan or quick loan should be your last resort because of their high interest rates. You will pay a lot of interest and lose a lot of money if you use them frequently and especially never default on a quick loan because of the fees.

How do you prevent breast reduction while loosing weight?

you can't naturally do it. in the natural process you lose weight everywhere, though probably not so dramatically in that place.

When is it better to use a variable loan instead of a fixed rate loan?

I'm not sure it's ever "better". If you have a crystal ball, and can predict exactly what the economy and banking are going to do over the life of your loan, you might well see that a variable rate loan would be in your best interest. But while you may pay out more in the long run, a fixed rate loan is much safer. There's a lot to be said for that. And if, perchance, you are getting ready to buy a house right now, for heaven's sake go with a fixed rate loan! You can't lose!

Do I Lose Possession Of My Products After I Drive Them In?

No. You will keep the possession of your products throughout the term of the loan, the lender only will be holding onto them as collateral. If you can't pay back the loan, the loan will default and collateral becomes the property of lender.

What does a secured loan and unsecured loan mean?

A secured loan is a loan in which there is physical collateral, meaning there is a physical item of worth that can be taken by the bank if the loan is not paid. Examples of this include a car loan or mortgage (house loan); the car or house are the collateral and therefore are the 'security' that the bank will not lose money on the loan. An unsecured loan is a loan in which there is no physical collateral, meaning there is no item of worth the bank can take if the loan is not paid. Examples of this include credit card debt or a student loan; in these cases, if the loan isn't paid the bank has to use a collections agency to try to get the money back.

What happens if you dont make any payments on your car loan?

u eventualy lose your car

What does take a default mean?

Sports- lose by not playing Accounting term- behind on payments on a loan

Do you lose muscle after not working out for a while?

yes but slowly. you lose tone first.