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Well, ask him how he really feels about you. If you know for sure he doesn't love you. then you need to move on. Because you can't make someone love you. You can't control love!
The first thing you do is think about what it actually is that you are describing as love. Love takes time to grow and often young people (and some not so young) believe that an attraction to a personality or a physical attraction to someone (often a combination of both) equals love. It does not. It is really just attraction, and if you dwell on it long enough, can feel like you're 'in love'. What that is really, is the fertile ground that may be a good place to plant seeds that could possibly grow to be love. Once you become aware of feeling like this about someone, it is your opportunity to consider if this is a good place for you to plant those seeds. Given a little time, you will find that more often, it wasn't the best choice to plant. You will be able to save yourself a lot of emotional energy and enjoy relationships for what they are instead of what you think they are or wish they were.

Second, this is a time in your life that you learn that you can't make someone else feel what you want them to feel. When confronted with a situation where you find yourself wanting to change someones feelings, remember that they feel what they feel for reasons that have nothing to do with you. What you can change is how you feel about what they feel. In other words, view the situation from a different perspective, even possibly see why or how they came to feel the way they do. This can really be helpful in maintaining a good attitude instead of finding a reason to becoming depressed or judging another person.

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Q: What do you do if you love someone but he does not care about you in the same way?
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What do you do if your love someone but she does not care about you in the same way?

many fish in the sea

What do you do if someone says i love you but but i do not care about them in the same way?

Say "I love you too my friend" and maybe they'll understand that you only love them as a friend.

How do you love someone with depression?

The same way you love anyone else

Difference between loving someone and being in love?

Well, as far as definition goes. To love someone is to feel a strong desire to have a close physical and/or emotional relationship with a certain individual. To be IN love is to have that close physical and/or emotional relationship with that certain someone. and receive the same love in return from that person. But you can look at it as, you can love someone and care for them with all your heart, but if your in love, the other person will feel the same way for you =)

What do you do if you love someone but he does not care about you in the same way but still wants to be with you?

If I were in your position I would have a long deep conversation and wouldn't stop talking until we had a conclution.

What do you call it when someone likes someone who does not like them the same way?

Unrequited love </3

What does it mean when you tell someone that you care about them and they say I know you do?

It means that they know your feelings but they do not care about you in the same way.

What does it mean when someone tell you love the way you are and your perfect for me each and every wayย ?

Tobe the same and have ur own personality because that is who someone wants to love

What if you love the person but they dont love you back the same way?

you should forget him or her,and find a person who love you the way you is not someone else i been there

Im in love with someone How do i know if he feels the same way?

by the expressions

Can you love someone and hate them at the same time?

Yes you can hate and love someone at the same time, but it depends on how much you are willing to forgive them and how you way things out. Hope this helps you.

What do should you do if you care about her more than she cares about you?

Then you should find someone who cares about you as much as you care about them! Everyone deserves love and equal love in return. But before you go to the extream then you should talk to her about it and if you still fill the same way then go to the step above!

You love someone but you don't know if he love you?

just tell them that you love them, otherwise you wont know if they feel the same way

If you love someone will they ever feel the same way?

if you love someone tell them and ask if they feel the same if they ignore you just smile to them and wait keep trying and do your best GOOD LUCK!!!!

What does it mean to care for someone?

To care for someone is to love them. There are many different wasy the word love can be used, in this case it is used in a general sense. When you care for someone it means you have feelings that bind you to this person. It means you want the best for them, and you want them to be happy and not in harms way. It also means you wouldn't do anything intentionally to hurt them.

What if you really love someone?

if you really someone you let them know and tell them how you feel and see if they feel the same way

How do you treat someone that you love?

the same way you would like to be treated cant miss

When someone you love just wont contact you?

they might not feel the same way or they are busy

Do you live for love and die for love?

yes in a way, you live for love in the memories you make with your partner and you die for love when someone hurts and you still look past the dead in your love and show you still care and love for themif you honestly LOVE someone then living and dying for love makes it easy

What does it mean to love someone in a platonic way?

To love someone in a platonic way is to love someone like a friend or a sister, not in a romantic relationship. So to love someone in a platonic way doesn't involve a sexual relationship.

What should you say when someone says i love you?

if you truly love them then tell them you love them. if you don't feel the same way and you still wanna keep it the same way it was before, just simply say " i don't feel the same way, and i hope that doesn't change anything between us."

What do you do if someone says that they love you?

if you feel the same way "i love you too" :P and if you dont just smile at them and say "i know"

How do gay people show that they love each other?

The same way anyone else would show someone that they love them.

What do if your afraid of losing your girlfriend?

You love her and always mean that.Say it to her everyday i no someone who is having the same problem.Also try to explain to her you dont care about what she looks like.Tell her shes beautiful in her own way.

What do you say if someone says I love you and you don't feel the same way yet?

Tell them the truth