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If you purchased it as is, you are probably out of luck. Unless your state has a "lemon" law. Check with your Attorney General's office. Find out what car dealers don't want you to know at www.dealertricks.com If the transmission is replaced or repaired it will be at your expense, because it was sold to you "as is". Answer check: 1.) if this car had recalls on the transmission, 2.) original warranty on the car 3.) rebuilt transmission warranty, from previous owner

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What happens if you do not install windows xp within 30 days?

You will have gone an entire month without XP on your computer.

What can you do to speed up instead of waiting for a long period for the hormones to escape your body after being on birth contol?

The hormones will be gone within days, and their effect on your body will be gone within one cycle. There's nothing special that needs to be done within that month to speed it up.

Why won't 1997 Dodge Intrepid won't go into overdrive?

Same thing went wrong with my 96.... the selenoid in the transmission had gone out. This is a dealer part, but I purchased mine @ Daaco.

Why has my horses hoof gone purple?

bad bruising, thats all, nothing serious if it does'nt go down within a month then consult your vet

If you haven't seen a cockroach for a month are they gone?

no no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you restore back a month?

You can't "restore" months. Once they are gone, they're gone.

Where can you buy Hebrew edition of Gone With the Wind?

Halaf im ha Ruach (Gone with the Wind) can be purchased here.

My car won't move?

Transmission has gone out most likely

How long does it take a heavy user to get marijuana out of body?

Most of the effects will be gone within 2-3 hours after smoking, but it'll show up in urine tests for a month.

How do you find what month the book Gone With the Wind is?

Ifyou mean what month the book was released, it was May 1936.

Car goes in reverse but not forward?

Your transmission is gone, you need to rebuild it.

What retail stores sell Hem-B-gone?

Hem-G-Gone cannot be purchased in retail stores. You can order it online from the manufacturer (Nolie's Naturals) or from Amazon.

What does 1 calendar month's notice mean?

You get the notice on the Xth of month A, and you have until the Xth of month B to be gone.

If the half-life of a radionuclide is 1 month is a sample of it completely decayed after 2 months?

No, it is not. If a radionuclide has a half-life of 1 month, half is gone after 1 month. Half of the half that is left will be gone after 2 months, and that will leave 1/4th of the original amount left after the second month.

What new fims will be released next month?

Titanic and gone with the wind.

Can you take sandwiches and sweets on a plane?

Yes, you can, but they should be purchased after you have gone through check point.

What is the solution to remove the dark lines on vagina lips?

Simply grab a cotton ball or pad, pour some vinegar on it and rub it over the dark lines. They should be gone within a week to a month if you do this daily.

Is there a way to adjust the bands in a 1995 S10 blazers transmission?

No. The last transmission GM made with a band adjustment was the Powerglide - gone in 1968, I think.

Why wouldn't a transmission go into reverse but goes into drive just fine?

It means the reverse clutch pack has gone out in your transmission and needs to be rebuilt or replaced.

Why is your 7 month old female pitbull bleeding?

She has gone into her first heat.

What are the release dates for Month of the Novel - 2011 Where No Writer Has Gone Before 2-1?

Month of the Novel - 2011 Where No Writer Has Gone Before 2-1 was released on: USA: 1 November 2013

There was a collection from a cell phone co. on your credit report from 2002 this month it was gone and your score was up what does this mean?

That means that the collection is gone and your score has gone up. *wonders if this was a trick question*

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