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What do you do if you run out of gas push the fuel reset and your 1998 Ford Explorer still does not start?


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2004-10-14 22:36:06
2004-10-14 22:36:06

U check 2 C if U have 12 Volts @ the fuel Pump & hope the pump hasn't burnt up from running out of fuel.Then U check 2 c if U have fuel pressure @ the FUEL Rail with a correct fuel pressure Tester.IF U press the schrader valve U COULD get fuel in your eyes.SOMETIMES U will pick-up ALL the TRASH with the FUEL filter-so CHECK 2 C if the filter is clogged.


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The Explorer will need to relearn its idle etc ( drive cycle ) and the clock and radio stations will have to be reset

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un hook the battery then rehook battery should reset if not then bad sensor some where

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passenger side floorboard under the heater unit

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You need to go to the setting tab to reset the anti-theft system if your car will not start the 1998 Camaro. You can also refer to the user manual.

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