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You need to get their information such as, driver's license number, insurance policy number, license plate, phone number(s). If it was a hit-and-run, try to get the license plate and then later report it to a law enforcement officer. Get the license plate. If you did not get the license plate then your pretty much SOL. If you got the plate number and they drove off. Call the police or go to the local police station and file a complaint. They will take all the details and track down the offending vehicle. If you got the plate number but the person did not drive off. From experience, calling the police is a waist of time. Since it is on private property they will do nothing, not even file a report. It gets even worse. You have to get the other persons information including insurance info and then call their insurance company to file a claim. From there several things can happen. The insurance company determins their client is At Fault,pays, and all is right in the world. Or the insurance company says their client is not at fault and will not pay. You then need to call your insurance company and they will usually get an adjustor involved to investigate both vehicles and determine fault that way. A bad scenario there is if the adjustor determines no fault, then you are stuck with paying. If the other party is not cooperative you can sue them and attempt to get reimbursed that way. Or you can have your insurance pay and they will then sick their lawyers on the offending party to retrieve the money which they will pay you back if it is successful. Note - if you do it that way you will have to pay increased premiums just as if it was an at fault accident until the dispute is settled. If the offendor has no insurance you can sue him to pay but if he doesn't, I'll give you three guesses to pick who pays in that instant. Worse case scenario is the jerk or jerkess gives you wrong or bogus information, this happened to me when the moron was driving a company car and gave me completely false information to avoid telling his boss. Firstly, the law is very much -on- your side in this case. My state, Georgia, has very strict laws against giving false information at an accident scene and the offendor can get in a whole mess of trouble. But I degress. Try all you can to get in touch with the party or whatever insurance company info they gave you. If it turns out to be bogus and despite your best efforts to resolve the problem you get nowhere, go to the police station and file a complaint immediatly. In my case the police went to the bosses workplace and threaten to arrest him for giving false information at an accident scene because his name was on the car, not the guys name that actually was driving. Can we say el Fireo of employeeo. If you did not get the license. Pretty much you can do a whole lot of nothing. You can file a complaint but it is doubtful much will come of it. Hope that helps.

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Q: What do you do if you saw someone hit your parked car?
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