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girl, you need to tell him that you want him back! tell him you know you've been datin' but you still have feelings for him!

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Q: What do you do if you still have feelings for your ex but hes talking to other girls?
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Related questions

How do you get over him you still have feelings for him andd when you see him with other girls you get angryi really want to get over him becuz he cheatedbt he still calls you sayin he loves meidk.?

You have to stop talking to or seeing him otherwise it will be more of the same.

Does he still have feelings for his ex?

Who the heck are you talking about?

What does it mean when i girls says shes not over you?

It means that she still has feelings for you.

How can you get your ex girlfriend back if she is going out with another guy?

Just tell her that you still have feelings for her in a nte, and tell her you will be there for her no matter what she decides. Girls love it when guys are sensitive towards there feelings. Just tell her you still have feelings for her in a note or in person. Also tell her you will be there for her no matter what decision she makes. Girls love it when guys are sensitive towards there feelings.

When i stopped talking to my ex i had dreams about him every night why is this?

this is because deep down you know that u still have feelings for him/her and yoiu should try to find out if he/her still has feelings for u

What do you do when your ex girlfriend still has feelings for you and you have feelings for her and her best friend?

Well, I know this is stupid to say, but if both of you still have feelings for each other, why aren't you still together? Girls hate when their exes like their best friend. So you either have to like your ex, or prepare not to be friends with her because she'll never want to talk to you again after you go out with her friend...... Good Luck!

When you keep talking about a girl that broke up with you what does it mean?

it means you still like her and have feelings for her.

How do you move on from feelings for a girl who is your best friend but you still want to keep her as your BEST friend other than stop talking to her?

that's goin to be hard especially if there were strong feeling there. when u first break up and u still talk to that person then the feelings will stay there. if you talk to other females then they can get ur mind off of ur ex.

Do girls still have feelings for the guy they break up with after a long term relationship?

yes they do

Why does your ex stare at you when you are around other guys?

He still isn't over his feelings for you and he wants to see if you are. He still isn't over his feelings for you and he wants to see if you are. He still isn't over his feelings for you and he wants to see if you are.

How can you start talking to a girl who was your friend but because of bilateral mistakes you fought and stopped talking to each other?

first of all you should say sorry if you still are not friends and say that you really like her and you want to kiss so explain your feelings to her.

I met this guy and we kept staring at eachother. I've never felt this way before. Am I gay?

This question is somewhat vague. If you're saying you have feelings for him then you could be gay, if you also don't have feelings for girls. If you do still have feelings for girls, but you also like this boy you may be bisexual.

Is it okay to still to still have feelings for your child's father if you are in another relationhip with someone who you are now pregnant by and have been out of the first relationship for a year now?

Of course it is! The man is the father of your child, for Pete's sake! If you are in another relationship and you or your significant other believe the father is a threat to the realtionship, explain to him/her that this person is your child's other parent. He can't be replaced or banned from you or your child's life. These feelings may start to wittle down to nothing more than a friend after awhile, and this is ok too. Also, talking to your child's father about your feelings is a good idea as well. He may still have feelings for you as well.

If you still have feelings for you ex boyfriend and you want to get over him how do you do it?

But not always true you know. A lot of girls and boys do still think about their past about there ex.

Are you lesbian if you like girls more than guys?

Just because you have stronger feelings for girls than men doesn't mean that you are a lesbian, some people are bisexual and if you still have feelings for men too than you could be bisexual!

Do gay guys still date straight girls?

Yes they can...but only when the guy have real feelings for the girl!..

How will you know if your boyfriend is not over with his ex?

If he spends time with them and is constantly talking with them or about them chances are he is still harbouring feelings for them. If you do see this behaviour and realize he does in fact still want her its best to let them go sort out their feelings as they cannot be committed to you in anyway until he deals with his feelings for her - basically you would be a rebound.

How do you find out if you still like your ex boyfriend?

how do you not know? it simple do the feelings you have for him the same as when he wasnt your ex? do you look at him with other girls and feel jealous? do like anybody else other than your ex? if you answered yes, yes, and no than maybe you do like your ex still. -Mr. Albright

Does Taylor and Taylor still have feelings for each other?


What does it mean when your ex crush looks deep into your eyes while talking-seems as if he cant take his eyes of you?

he still has feelings for you

If you are desperet and lonely but with friends but you want a girlfriend and you have friends wich are girls?

If you have friends that are girls, you should be bold and brave - admitting your feelings to the one you care about the most. However, you have to still respect their feelings (or lack thereof) as well in order to preserve the friendship.

Is a guy cheating if he and his ex are still talking?

maybe not, he may just want to stay friends with her, it shows maturity if he can remain friends after a break up, as he his not hiding from you that they are still in contact it is a good sign that he is not cheating. On the other hand he could still have feelings for this woman, and if it is making you uncomfortable or you are worried, then speak to him. But dont accuse him or he will get defensive. Just tell him the truth. Probably not..Although he could have feelings for her..Ask him..

Does that mean a guy who liked you and is not your bf is not completely over you if he still looks or stares at you almost every time he sees you and gets jealous when he sees you talking to guys?

duh, he clearly still has feelings for you. Especially if he gets jealous when other guys talk to you.. ppl are weird sometimes and won't admit their true feelings but from the sounds of it he still cares for you otherwise he wouldn't care who you talk to or wouldn't stare at you

What to ask girls?

Well, their are lots of things you can say to girls. If you like them get more into your and the girls personality don't check other girls out while talking to her, and soon after a week or two, get her number , text then ask her out while the same time talking to her daily. 95% of this will work the other 5% still think boys have cooties or dating You could ask her questions about her life, school, what she's been doing, how are things going etc., there are a lot of things to talk about!

Iif he gets off the phone with you to talk to other girls does he still love you?

yes he just assumes that you have finid=shed talking to him hope i hav helped bye bye xxrebeccaxx