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Dealing with feelingsThere are constructive ways to expressing feelings of anger, frustration and depression, rather than self-mutilation, bodily harm or suicide attempts. A few examples include:
  • Get artistic: Writing your feelings out, paint them on canvas, sculpt them, however it comes to you to express them.
  • Write a letter about your feelings to someone you can trust.
  • Find an online forum where you can begin to share your feelings anonymously.

The first step is to seek out someone trustworthy who can guide you along the process to constructive self expression, and of course, a happier life.


Reach out and get that help! Talk to one of us if you must to get you 'kick started', but, get help!

AnswerThe above poster gave you some excellent advice, but you have a disorder (self mutilation) and the reason people such as yourself do this is to 'feel something.' It's highly adviseable that you seek professional help as soon as possible.

All the above is good. But i wear an elastic band and flick it when i feel I want to cut. Works 60% of the time. Avoid wrists anyway. Lots of little tendons that do very important things. Would be awful to find you can't use your hand because you felt emotionally bad one time. Find out why you choose to cut instead!

OR ,The Above idea about flicking a rubber band , does definitely help . It gives you the same feeling but dosen`t hurt you in a serious way . If you feel depressed or feel like you want to cut , you can maybe take your mind off things by excersising - not over doing it or a hobby that you really enjoy , Running really helps and so does painting - painting you can express your feelings , Also writing your feelings down on a piece of paper and tearing it up helps alot but before you tear it up think about what you have wrote.A punchbag works if your feeling stressed after a hard day , this takes your anger out on something rather than someone ! Talking to a trusted adult helps or seek advice from a professional before it`s too late :) !


its as easy as cutting poetatoes! but don't do it lifes beautiful find other meaning and all that good stuff. Believe me talking to people and opening up to find solutions to why you would want to do stuff like that is the best medicine. Therapy? no not that even over the internet talking to others helps.


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Q: What do you do if you want to cut your wrist?
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