What do you do if your 15 and 10 weeks pregnant your boyfriend is 21 and your going to keep the baby he has a great well paying job and you have everything figured out but scared any advice?

Well, make sure you REALLY got it all figured out. Ask yourself "Do you really want to keep the baby?" and if you really do, you're going to fight for it, because come on, does age really matter at all?, to me no. Don't let anyone stop you from keeping the baby, after all this is just not a baby, this is YOUR baby. Show them that you could handle it. Don't be scared, you're not alone, your boyfriend is with you (i hope) when it gets tough. (if your stomach gets bigger, don't wear any tight jeans or carry/move heavy stuff, but hey, what do i know, I'm only 12, lol)


Okay - wow. You are 15 and the man that got you pregnant is 21. First of all - Tell your parents (if you haven't already). Tell them who this guy is - his name, address, and phone number, if they don't already have this information. So that they will be able to petition the courts on your behalf for child support when/if he doesn't follow through on being there for you. Because I'm sorry to remind you so bluntly but you are still a child yourself, and technically he can be convicted of statutory rape. I'm not going to judge you because this baby is already another human being and should be thought of as so, and I do know that this is not the end of the world. Everything will work out just fine, but you will have to work very hard (harder than someone a bit older and established), and have your family's support. I had a friend when I was in Highschool who got pregnant when she was 16 and she decided to keep him - he was born autistic, which is not easy to deal with even when you are older. But other than that she has 3 healthy children and is married to a wonderful guy (not the father of the first baby, but of the last two). So you can go on to find a wonderful man, have a wonderful marriage, and wonderful children. But please let your mom and dad know, let them know that you want to keep the baby, let them know your plans. Ask the baby's father be present for all of this, this will show them that he is serious about being supportive (which means financially, emotionally, physically, in every way possible). It will also show some maturity on his and your part if you show them that you two plan on doing this together. They are not going to be happy to begin with, but give them time, they will come to see the baby as a wonderful grandchild soon enough. And if the father does not want to be there when they are told or give them his full name, address, phone number, and where he works, then will have to rethink your relationship with this guy (this is not the guy you want to be with for the rest of your life). But regardless you are going to need to lean on your parents and let them lead you through this tough time. They love you more than anything (just the way you already love your baby) and just want you to be healthy and happy. Sorry if this sounds a little bit preachy - you are in a tough place and I know you can't fully realize what is going to be going on in a relatively very short amount of time between now and when the baby is born. I just want you to be as prepared as you can be because it's not going to be easy, but it can be done! But do wait until you are in a loving commited relationship (with someone who is not into having sex with an underage person) and you are much older before you get pregnant again! Good luck.