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I just bought a 99' Rodeo two days ago, (102,000 miles on it), and it idles rough, stalls, etc. Today I added fuel injection cleaner to the fuel, I figured it couldn't hurt to try. When I got home, I popped the hood and with some luck and not very good ears, found the problem. On the back side if the intake manifold is a vacuum line that is routed along the rear/driver side of the engine. That vacuum line runs to a little diaphragm canister connected to the main pressurized fuel line that supplies the fuel injectors. The manifold end of the vacuum line was disconnected. I pushed it back on and the rodeo died. I then removed the vacuum line from the diaphragm end to find that a small, spitting stream of gasoline was being shot out of the little diaphragm canister. Apparently the diaphragm has a pin-hole leak and is sucking it direcly into the manifold and loosing some vacuum pressure in the process. I can only imagine that the engineers have constructed the diaphragm canister and injector supply line as one complete unit surely making it mighty expensive. Hope this can help. ~OUTLAW~

Answeri had same problem too, at first it worked fine with cleaning egr valve but after couple of months it's doing the same thing and cleaned the egr valve again....but this time, it didn't work, it stalls/try to stall at stop lights..most embarassing is in traffic. i don't have any CEL on for this one, so i don't exactly know what's the culprit but I'm executing one diagnose at time. I'll post the answer if i find the culprit. but for now try cleaning egr valve and egr exhaust pipe. here is detail link to egr valve


'98 Isuzu Rodeo

Engine-ground-terminal harness could break and cause engine to stall.

Models: 793 vehicles.

What to do: Have dealer replace harness.

P.S The harness is usally grey and next to the battery on the fender wall check for proper continuity!!!! WORKED FOR ME

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Q: What do you do if your 2001 Isuzu Rodeo LS runs rough and idles slowly and has stalled on occasion right after starting and feels as though it wants to stall when idling at lights stop signs etc?
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