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Tell your boyfriend that they love you then hopefully they will step down a step on the love scale.

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tell your best friend! immedelately!!!!!!

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Q: What do you do if your best friends boyfriend said he loves you?
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Does Adam Lambert love anyone?

Well, of course his family, and his friends. He also said he loves his boyfriend sauli koskinen

What if your boyfriend said you have a fat vagina but he loves it?

Its a good thing.

Why is your friend's ex want you?

well my best friends boyfriend wanted me. i didn't know why but he did and then when he asked me out i said no because he was my best friend's ex and he asked why and i said "because your my best friend's ex and its not right"

Why doesnt my boyfriend tell me he loves me but tells my best friend he loves me?

He doesn't tell you he loves you because: a.) He is actually a non verbal person and prefers to show it through gestures... b.) He likes your best friend and is trying to make the said person jealous. But I like "a" better. :)

What should you do if you are almost 16 and really love someone and you asked her out twice but she said no then one of her friends said she only wanted a boyfriend after you were 16?

The best thing to do, is to wait for a while. If she eventually wants you as a boyfriend, she will show signs. Be patient :)

How do you know if your boyfriend loves you if he hasn't said it yet?

One way to know if your boyfriend loves you even if he hasn't said it yet is to see what he does. Is he considerate and loving? Does he put you first? if he does those things, he may love you without having mentioned it yet.

Does Kristen love her boyfriend?

Yes, Kristen loves her boyfriend. She has said they share a real special connection. They have known each other a long time.

What does it mean when your ex-boyfriend says he loves you like a sister instead of romantically?

It means he loves you like a family member and not as a girlfriend. I know it must hurt you, but at least he's honest. I think most of us have at least one person in our lives that has said something similar that your ex boyfriend said to you. Try to move on. Start going out with friends and enjoying life and you'll meet someone very special. Good luck

One of my best friends told everyone I stold her boyfriend when she said she wouldn't care if we went out now shes telling me were still friends. How do you tell her shes being twofaced?

you say: "You are being twofaced!"

How do you know how much your boyfriend loves you?

Ask him if he loves you if he said yes than ask be on a date if he said no try a another day than ask him I and he said yes on a movie date with me and my friend who is sometimes she is mean. You should try it. Do it know.

Why hasn't my boyfriend said he loves me yet?

because, your boyfriend doesn't think about you. He think about any third way, he loves u but he want something more.... In Other way, you had not fulfill his all desires, so thats problem...

Your guy friend tells you he loves you and is your best friend forever does he love you?

My boyfriend of 3 years was my best friend. It takes alot of courage and guts for a man whos been your friend forever to tell you that. My boyfriend aka best friend dated a few people when we were friends and loved me the wole time. I say he means it. But yet i dont know your relationship all that well. Can you trust what he says? Was he drunk when he said it? If so id be asking him if he really meant what he said. If hes your friend forever, im sure you can be honest with each other. good luck