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Find the leak, figure out if you can fix it, take the car to a garage.

How bad it is leaking? You certainly don't want to run a car with low Transmission Fluid as it will surely do internal damage. Most common leak areas are at the pan gasket or the transmission cooler lines that go to the radiator. Next most common areas are at the output shaft seals and around sensors or plugs on the transmission. If you replace any cooler lines with hose, make sure you use transmission hose. This will handle the pressure and the chemical resistance that other hoses will not stand up to. Also be sure to KNOW what transmission fluid is needed. One size does not fit all!

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Q: What do you do if your car is leaking transmission fluid?
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What kind of red liquid could be leaking of out my car?

Red liquid is usually transmission fluid. transmission fluid

Why is it still leaking transmission fluid?

The better question is what is leaking transmission fluid?

Transmission fluid leaking after rock hit bottom of car?

Transmission fluid leaked out of car very fast. After hitting large rock. Could it be the transmission pan is broke? That is a possibility

What does it mean when your car is leaking transmission fluid and rattling?

means get it to a repair shop

What does leaking transmission fluid mean?

fluid is a lubricant of transmission

Why is transmission fluid leaking where the drive shaft meets the transmission?

The output shaft seal has failed and transmission fluid is leaking by, and that would explain the transmission fluid appearing there.

Why is my Pontiac G6 leaking transmission fluid?

Because your transmission has a seal that is leaking.

How do you fix your car if it is leaking antifreeze and transmission fluid?

check your radiator hoses and change gaskets

What fluid is red that is leaking from your Dodge Durango?

Transmission fluid.

What is the red fluid leaking from your Chevy Trailblazer?

transmission fluid

1994 Ford Taurus Wagon leaking transmission fluid?

If a transmission is leaking fluid, it is likely that a seal or gasket has failed. Replace the gaskets and seals and the leaking should stop.

MY car a 2003 dodge neon sometimes over heating is it because its leaking transmission in the radiator?

If it is leaking trans fluid into the coolant it can cause overheating.

Coolant leak from transmission Honda?

Coolant should not be leaking from your transmission the only fluid in your transmission is transmission fluid. A faulty transmission seal can allow transmission fluid to leak out.

Will it damage a car to drive it while it is leaking transmission fluid?

If it runs empty transmission failure If it is leaking on hot part of engine or exhaust - fire risk If it is leaking near tire track loss of traction could occur

Where is the transmission dipstick on a 2006 Pontiac Torrent?

Many transmissions these days do not have a dipstick anymore. If it is not leaking fluid, it isn't low. If it is leaking fluid, take it to a garage. There are ways to check the fluid level but you need to lift the car.

Why would excessive transmission fluid be coming out of the overflow tube?

It is important to keep fluids from leaking from a car. Excessive transmission fluid would be coming out of the overflow because there is too much fluid in the transmission, or because the seal has become worn.

Where is fluid leaking from when leaking from between motor and transmission?

Rear main engine seal or front transmission seals

Why does a dodge dynasty keep leaking transmission fluid?

Why does a 93 dodge dynasty leak transmission fluid?

What does a transmission leak mean?

Work needs to be performed. Also depends where it is leaking from. If pan is leaking just drain transmission fluid and install new pan gasket and refill transmission with fluid. If front seal leaking then you will have to pull transmission and replace front seal.

What are some common indicators of problems with your car transmission?

There are several indicators of problems with a cars transmission. Examples of these include lack of response while driving and leaking transmission fluid.

Where would your transmission fluid be leaking from on a 1994 Honda Civic that's causing it to end up on your right front wheel and all under your car?

Answering "Where would your transmission fluid be leaking from on a 1994 Honda civic thats causing it to end up on your right front wheel and all under your car?"

Why did your automatic transmission pop when you put it in reverse an then the fluid started leaking when you put it in gear?

Low Transmission fluid

Why is your 96 Toyota Camry leaking transmission fluid?

You need to check the transmission gasket between the transmission pan and the body. If it's leaking you have to replace it.

Fluids Make A Car Run?

One of the most important fluids in your car is the transmission fluid. There is no way around getting your car to run properly without transmission fluid. This fluid is what makes your transmission turn and the gears shift. If you have a leak and there is little of no fluid in your transmission, then your car will not move. There are some signs you can look for if you think your car is low on fluid.If you have a large piece of cardboard, you can place it under the car. This will let you know if there is any fluid leaking form under the car. Leave the board under the car for at least a day in order to see if anything is leaking. Take the board out from under the car and look to see if there is any fluid on the board. If there is, you need to examine to see what kind of fluid it is. It if it red, then it is most likely transmission fluid.When you discover there is a transmission fluid leak, you will need to have it looked at by a mechanic immediately. Some leaks are not detectable until the mechanic looks underneath the car. You could also have an internal leak that is not showing up under the car. The fluid could be going to your oil reserve or to another part of the car. Sometimes when you have your transmission fluid changed, the bolt may not be tight enough and some fluid will leak around it. All you have to do is take it back to the mechanic and get them to tighten the bolt. If the fluid leak is large, you will either need to get the gasket changed or find out where the fluid is going. Do not run a car longer than necessary with no transmission fluid. This will damage the transmission more than if you would just get the fluid leak fixed.

Why does your 1986 Nissan 300zx automatic transmission suddenly start leaking fluid?

There are several things that can cause your 1986 Nissan 300 automatic transmission to send you a start leaking fluid the most common cause is a blown seal in the front of the transmission. There is a seal in the rear of the transmission. The transmission pan gasket can be leaking.