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What do you do if your car was repossessed but there was no breach of contract and you are ahead on payments?


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CALL a local attorney NOW. The part about "ahead on payments" scares me. How you determine you are "ahead" and how the lender determines that gets a lot of folks in trouble.


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If you did not comply with the terms of the contract, they can repo the car. If you DID comply with the terms of the contract they are in violation of the law if they try to repo the car. It all depends on the terms that you originally signed. If it was a DUI wreck or anything else that willfully contributed to the wreck, you may have violated a condition of the contract. You may need to dig out the old contract and have a lawyer look at it for you.

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WHY not? Have you asked them? Were they demanding the balance in full?? Have you beeen repoed before? Have you beeen repeatedly in default? Are you STILL in default? Do you have ins. coverage as required by the contract? Contact the lender ASAP.

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It's luck of the draw. Try the Auto Trader website. Police impound auctions and auctions on repossessed vehicles sometimes yield results, but there's never any guarantee they'll have what you're looking for (not to mention that maintenance usually falls off well ahead of time before the vehicles gets hooked in the case of repossessed vehicles).

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If you have never been delinquent or defaulted on your vehicle loan, and it is repossessed, it may have been wrongfully repossessed. It must be returned to you, at no cost to you, ASAP. It is not uncommon for this to occur. So many similar and like vehicles are out there and VIN numbers can be so close that confusion occurs. More often than not it is a simple mistake. Go ahead and ask the lender for a concession due to the inconvience it has caused you. They may give you nothing, but if you are friendly and understanding, they very well may.

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