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What do you do if your cat has a dead kitten?

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What Do You Do If Your Cat Has A Dead Kitten?
  • Get rid of it or she will. You won't like her method.
  • So sorry to hear about the kitten. Any baby be it human or animal that dies is sad. The other poster is correct. Bury the kitten right away.
  • Don't knock it off as dead right away. Pick up the poor seemingly dead kitty. Rub it very gently and warm it's body; push very gently on it's chest and see if you can get it's little lungs and heart going. Sometimes life just needs a push, but be careful, if you push/rub TOO hard, you'll break the kitten's ribs.


Make sure it's dead. If you have a ball syringe you can use that to gently suction fluid out of the cat's mouth to clear its airway.

2014-05-09 18:29:55
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What to do if you have a kitten with a dead mother?

You could get another cat to keep it compony . Or you could get a toy That the mother cat always used to use so even though the mum cat is dead the kitten will have a memory of it.

Why did the feral cat bring her dead kitten to the door?

i think they do this to mourn their kitten and to show surrenderness

How can you tell if there is a dead kitten inside a mother cat?

you have to feel the mothers belly after you think she is done having kits if there is a lump then there is a dead kitten.

Can you help a cat extract a dead kitten that is stuck half out of her?

you pull it out

Cat is to kitten as dog is to?


Do cats eat their stillborn kittens?

If a kitten is born dead, the mother cat will eat it.

Kitten or cub what is a baby cat?


How do you say cat or kitten in Dutch?

Cat = kat, or if it is a female one: Poes Kitten = kitten

What comes first the cat or the kitten?

the kitten is a baby cat. So the kitten comes 1st.

Cat is to kitten as adult is to?

Cat is to kitten as adult is to child (or baby).

What is a kitten?

A kitten is a baby cat.

What is the young cat?

It is a kitten.

Why does your cat have afterbirth after her first then she has a another one that is dead?

There is afterbirth after each kitten is born. If a kitten does not survive in the womb, it would still be expelled from the mother.

Is a kitten a cat?

Kinda when a cat is younger you say kitten when it older you say cat you :)

What is the difference from a kitten and a cat?

A kitten is a baby cat (under one year old), but is called a kitten. A cat is an adult cat, over one year in age.

Does a queen cat whose 3 week old kitten dies get depressed or grieve over the loss of the kitten she had been nursing since it was born She keeps searching in her house for the kitten?

The cat may be confused that she is missing a kitten. Show the dead kitten to the mother so she can realize that it has passed away. She will eventually stop looking for it.

Why s a small cat called a kitten?

why is a small cat called a kitten

Does a cat know when her kitten has died?

I think it depends on the cat. My mom had a cat and her kitten died and for like the next year or two she was looking for her kitten.

What age should a kitten start eating cat grass?

A kitten can have cat grass at any time; it is perfectly safe for all ages of cat and kitten. There is no set age a kitten should have cat grass, however.

What does the mother cat do when her kitten dies?

Nothing. She goes and "gets" new kittens. If the dead kitten is removed from her view, she soon forgets her loss. She will also eat it.

What is the name for a young cat?

kittena kitten

What is the baby name for a cat?


What is the verb and subject in this sentence there were a gray cat and a stripe kitten in the garden?

The verb is "were" and the subject is "a gray cat and a stripe [sic] kitten"; the simple subject is "cat ... and ... kitten".

Why is a kitten called a kitten?

A kitten (Old Englishdiminutive of cat) is a juvenile domesticated cat (Felis catus) that is not fully-grown

What are adult kitten called?

An adult kitten is a cat.