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If the lien was against property owned by the mother it had to be paid in full, perhaps there was no money left after that was done. In regards to the "signing" issue, if the persons were not listed on the property title then there was no need for their signature(s). If the deceased held a lien against someone else's property that issue would have to be decided through probate. The best option would be to consult an attorney who is versant in probate/estate law. Most attorney's offer free or minimal fee consultation to explain legal options.

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Can the surviving spouse of the deceased husband continue to receive mineral rights income he had inherited?

Typically the spouse will inherit the property of a deceased spouse. A will may assign things to other beneficiaries. Consult a licensed attorney in the state in question.

Fetal pigs receive nourishment from their mothers through the?

Fetal pigs receive nourishment from their mothers through the umbilical chord, like humans.

Is there a law according to which father has distribute his property equally among all his sons?

I don't know what country you're talking about but there is no such law in the US. When a person dies, his or her property will be left to whomever is named to receive the property in the will. if there is no will, the property will go to the spouse. If there is no spouse, the property will be inherited equally by all children of the deceased. If there are no children, no spouse, and no will, then I'm not sure.

When should the beneficiaries receive a copy of the will?

Once the testator is deceased, they should receive a copy when they ask for it.

When does a gift become an estate?

A gift you receive becomes your property. When you die, if you still own that property it becomes part of your estate.A gift you receive becomes your property. When you die, if you still own that property it becomes part of your estate.A gift you receive becomes your property. When you die, if you still own that property it becomes part of your estate.A gift you receive becomes your property. When you die, if you still own that property it becomes part of your estate.

When you remarry can you still receive your deceased social security payment?


When a deceased child is made a beneficiary of an estate does the children of the deceased automatically receive the inheritance?

yes. unless the will state otherwise

Where do the baby pigs receive there milk from there mom?

Their mothers utters.

What is the federal tax imposed on inheritance?

Inheritance tax is imposed on individuals who receive property from someone who has died. The amount of tax is determined by the appraised value of the property and the recipient's relationship to the deceased. Currently there are 10 states that also impose a "death tax". See info at links

If i receive life insurance for deceased husband is it taxable?

No but what you do with the money may be taxable.

Can single mothers get grants?

Yes, single mothers are eligible to receive grants. Grants for single mothers are made available by the state government, federal government, and businesses.

How many years do you need married to receive your deceased spouse social security?


Single parent has will leaving estate to two adult children One child dies before parent Will is not changed Does estate go solely to remaining child or does estate of deceased child receive half?

That all depends on the wording in the will.Generally, there are a couple of types of devise that are commonly used in wills. If the will provides that the property shall go to the siblings or to the survivor of them, the surviving sibling will take all. However, if the will says the property shall go to the siblings or the issue of a sibling who predeceased the testator then the deceased sibling's share will go to her children, if any.On the other hand, if the will is silent as to the distribution in the case of a deceased child of the testator then the deceased siblings share will pass as intestate property to the legal next of kin of the testator. In your case that will be the child of the deceased sibling.You should consult with an attorney who can review the situation and determine what the law is in your state. In most cases, an attorney should be handling the probate of the estate if there is property in the estate that was solely owned by the testator.

How do you receive a property line?

To find out your exact property lines, you will need to hire a surveyor to do a boundary survey of your property.

Both parents die with property in tenants of entirety do heirs receive the property?


If there is a will and the spouse is not named in the will is the spouse entitled to receive anything from her deceased husband's estate?

Yes if she isn't named in the will the wife of the deceased is entitled to a share of the residues left after the will has been executed unless the will clearly specifies that she will not receive anything then this will override her legal entitlements.

Is a husband entitled to his deceased wife's social security benefits?

It depends. When a spouse becomes deceased, the larger SS check continues. So if "Joe's" SS check is 600 and "Mary's" is 900. Then Joe will receive the 900 and no longer receive the 600. The spouse will also receive a one time check for $255.

What happens if you are not willing to pay for your funeral?

If a funeral is not able to be paid for, the spouse or child of the deceased may be able to receive a one-time death benefit payment from Social Security if the deceased was on that. The deceased may also be buried by the state or cremated.

What does inheritors mean?

To take (property) by law of descent from an intestate owner. b. To receive (property) by will

Do most new mothers receive a significant gift from their husbands after the birth of a new child?

A gift for new momsYes most new mothers do receive a gift from their husband after the birth of their first child. answerHe might change some diapers.

We are in possession of my deceased relative's personal property for the last 7 months and now another relative is trying to come here and take it What are our rights?

If the relative had a will their property must be distributed according to the provisions of the will. If there was no will the state laws of intestacy dictate who should receive the property as legal next of kin. You can check your state laws at the related question link below. In either case, the estate should be probated.

How do you go about filing claim on deceased spouse social security benefits for arrears on child support?

Not applicable. You will receive nothing more than the normal amount for a child of a deceased parent.

What paperwork do you receive from the executor when you have inherited a portion of an estate?

You should receive correspondence notifying you of the bequest. Once the property has been distributed to you you should receive a document or release to sign certifying that you received the property and have no further demands on the estate.

What properties do not receive property damage in Mafia Wars?

the only property that cannot be robbed is the Mafia Mike's.

What percentage does each child get if they're getting survivor's benefits from deceased parent if the two children have two different mothers?

The two children should each receive an equal half (50%) of the survivor's benefits, unless the person stated differently in a will or other legal document before their death.