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If you're friends don't like you're boyfriend try to think of it from their perspective. If they don't have boyfriends themselves, they may still want to be good friends with you. Maybe your are spending to much time with your boyfriend and are leaving your friends in the dust. Talk to you friends or boyfriend to explain the situation. If both of them like you for you, they will understand. If not you need to see which one is more important. Good luck!

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How do you get your friends boyfriend 2 like you but you are 2 years younger than him?

Your friends boyfriend? You dont!

What do you do when your best friends and your boyfriend dont get along?

well i think that if your friends dont like him he must not be good for you!!!!friends are way more important then boy friends!!!!

What to do if your boyfriend has friends and you dont?

Make friends with your boyfriends friends

What do you do if your boyfriend touches you and you are ok with it but his friends also your friends dont like it?

Ask him to only touch you when you are alone to avoid upsetting your friends.

Should an 11 year old have a boyfriend?

yes i think a 11 year old should have a boyfriend . you need stick out be diffrent but dont dump your boyfriend if your friends dont like the guy sooo there ya go

Why dont my friends like me?

If your friends dont like you then you evidently are not friends.

How do you be friends with your boyfriend?

I Know It Sounds Weird But You Gotta Play Wit Em Like You Do Your Friends. But Not To Much. Dont Treat Him Like Your Friend. Im Best Friends With My Boyfriend N I Jus Act Myself Around Him N He Sees How You Are Then Hell Act Himself Too.

If you like a friends boyfriend what do you do?

first off if you are a true friend you wouldn't like your friends boyfriend, LET it go

What if he ask if you have boyfriend?

Be honest with him.... If you do, say you have one but still want to be friends... If you dont, then say you dont...

What should you do if you don't like my boyfriend anymore but you like this other guy who your close friends with that always seems to be interested in my friends?

Well, I would probably tell your current boyfriend that you dont think that it is working out and then hang out with the other guy alot and then make your move

Who is geogrge Michael boyfriend?

Well some people say that he doesnt have a boyfriend their just friends but i dont belivie it.....

I have a boyfriend and one of my guy friends also want to be my boyfriend I dont want to be mean to him?

Unfortunately you have to simply tell him you have a boyfriend and are not interested in him that way.

What do you do if you like your best friends boyfriend and she likes your boyfriend?

switch boyfriends.

What do you do when your boyfriend tells you it seems like were just friends?

Treat him more like a boyfriend then a friend.

How do you get boyfriend in 4th grade?

Be nice and like him for him and be close friends with him and if he acts different to you then others then there is a chance he likes you

Is it okay to love youe best friends boyfriend?

yes.. till she/he dont mind.. or till you dont reveal..:)

What do you do if you like your friends boyfriend?

AnswerFlirt with him and be cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get a boyfriend on the age of 10?

well im 10 yrs old and i have a boyfriend named brandon and how we met was we were just GOOD friends but you dont have to be good friends you can just be friends but how you get one was look at them with body language dont just stare at him and smile because then that will freak him out

What do you do if your parents dont like your boyfriend for no reason?

Try discussing their reasons for disliking your boyfriend. If this doesn't work, maybe you could point out you don't object to their friends and they should offer you the same respect.

What should you do if you think you are starting to like your friends boyfriend?

If you are starting to like your friends boyfriend then I would recommend not trying to get into any relationship with his/her boyfriend you might be rejected and either way you will more than likely loose your friends relationship.

What if you have a boyfriend that your friends don't like?

Unfortunately, that usually does not work out. Probably best to do activities with friends separate from activities with boyfriend.

Need the right words to express to your boyfriend you dont want him any more?

maybe like this: im sorry, but maybe were better off as friends?

Does max schneider like keke palmer as a friend?

Yes, they are good friends.

What do you say to your boyfriend when he thinks you were with guys?

they are friends and he should just calm down i bet you he has friends that are girls that you dont know about

What do you give your ex boyfriend for his birthday?

give him something dont wanna make it like your desprete to get him back.but get him something so it seems like you wanna JUST be friends. ;-)