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First off, you should make sure that she is cheating. Don't mess up something unless you are positive that she is indeed cheating. Next, you should confront her if you are positive that she is, and the rest is up to you. Do you think you can trust her not to do it again? Do you love her enough to overlook the mistake? It's all on you, there is no set way to say what to do.

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Q: What do you do if your girlfriend is cheating on you?
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Is it still considered cheating if you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend?

If you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend, then you are cheating on both of them.

If a guy is cheating on his girlfriend does he like the girl that he is cheating on with his girlfriend?

maybe, maybe not.If he spends more time with the girl he is cheating on.

How do you read the face of a cheating girlfriend?

A cheating girlfriend is always hesitant. She might not be able to answer what you are asking.

How I can till for sure my girlfriend is cheating?

You can tell for sure that your girlfriend is cheating, by catching her on the act with her lover.

Is Justin Bieber cheating on his girlfriend?

he is totally cheating.

I dreamed about cheating on your girlfriend with your ex what does this mean?

Your girl friend is probably cheating on you the person who said this to you is probably dating your girlfriend without you knowing and then the person who said this plans on cheating on your girlfriend with ur ex girlfriend.

If you dream my girlfriend is cheating on me?

I don't dream about your girlfriend

How do you know your girlfriends cheating on you?

I know your girlfriend is cheating on you bc she has no time for you

Is it cheating when you have a girlfriend and your with your cousin?

yes, it is

How do you know your girlfriend is cheating?

Follow her

Can you tell if your girlfriend is cheating?

stalk her

Does Ernest Maphula's girlfriend cheating on him?


What if your girlfriend is treating you right?

she is cheating on you.

Is Shane geraghty's girlfriend cheating on him?

It is not known if Shane Geraghty's girlfriend is cheating on him. Shane Geraghty is most known as a rugby player.

What do i do when i feel like my girlfriend is cheating on me?

If you feel like your girlfriend is cheating on you the first thing to do is talk to her. Explain to her how you are feeling and why and see what she has to say.

When you dream your girlfriend is cheating on you with a girl what does it mean?

it means you do not trust your girlfriend.

Is your girlfriend christy waller cheating on you?

Yes. Whenever my girlfriend is Christy Waller, she is cheating on me. Luckily, it's very seldom that she IS Christy Waller.

How do you deal with a lying cheating girlfriend?

I would deal with it by finding another girlfriend!

What does it mean if you had a dream my girlfriend cheated?

it means that your girlfriend is cheating on you haha :D

How do you get your girlfriend to stop thinking you are cheating on her?

By not doing it.

Is bieber cheating on his girlfriend?

No he's single.

Is it cheating if he has a girlfriend and he has friends with benefits?


What if you and a boy has sex but he has a girlfriend?

he's cheating.

Is going to the movies with a girl who isn't your girlfriend cheating?

Here is how you decipher cheating: If your girlfriend knows nothing about it then it's cheating. If you have nothing to hide then tell your girlfriend this girl is a friend (if she is) and you're going to a movie. Hopefully you have a very understanding girlfriend. If this girl you are going to the movies with is of interest to you then be a man and break up with your girlfriend now! Cheating is ugly, it hurts your partner when they don't deserve it and it shows immaturity and dishonesty on your part. You know when you are doing something wrong!

What is classed as cheating?

Anything your girlfriend (assuming you are a guy) would not want you doing with the opposite sex. Basically, if you are doing something with someone that you would not do in front of your girlfriend, then you are cheating. Cheating has to do with violating your girlfriend's trust. Some girlfriends may not care if you give another girl a massage, while some may. If your girlfriend is in the latter category, then you are cheating if you do it.