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"friends" okay. "best friends" not okay.

talk with them both. voice your discomfort peacefully.

Well what I would do is stop being paranoied. It is good to still be friends with your ex's. They were proabably friends before they went out and still want to be friends. If it really bothers you talk to her about it. Tell her how you feel about her talking to her ex. She might get a little mad that you dont trust her unless you really have no reason to trust her. Well I hope it works out. laterz

Sit down and talk to them both. I agree they both probably were friends and they still should be. Don't ruin your relationship just because she is talking.

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Q: What do you do if your girlfriend is still friends with her ex and she sees him and talks to him on the phone?
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How do you know he still has feeling for his x girlfriend?

if he still talks to her and gives her hugs , or if he only treats you lik a friend if you have to much of a feeling about it ask one of his friends to ask him

Is it cheating if your girlfriend talks to other guys on her cell phone?

of course not!

Boyfriend talks to ex girlfriend?

Usually, this isn't a problem as they may be friends still. If you have any worries you should probably discuss things with your boyfriend.

If a guy talks to you on the phone for 45 minutes does he like you?

Just because he talks to you on the phone doesn't mean he likes you. I mean he might like you as a friend but not like a girlfriend.

What are the signs your exboyfriend still likes you?

he calls alot for no reason or tells you he was wanting to see how things are going and they keep you on the phone for a long time. and when you see them they cant take their eyes off of you - He talks about you to your friends and he looks over at you every once in a while when he knows your around. - He talks to you like your still going out. - He wonders where you are when your not where you usually are. - He talks to your friends just to be near you.

Does Tony Panici have a girlfriend?

Tony does not have a girlfriend at the moment. He does have a baby, and still talks to the girl he was once with. but not together.

What does it mean if a guy broke up with his girlfriend just two days ago but he still talks to her?

It could mean several things. They may have agreed to still be friends. He may still have feelings for her. He may have other reasons.

What to do if your girlfriend is only friends with guys and still talks to her back stabbing ex boyfriend?

i wouldn't do anything because she's just being nice to her ex for him to not feel about what he did to her...

How do you know if your girlfriend still has feelings for her ex?

You can tell if she still has feelings for her ex if she often talks about him to you or friends. Also if she gets a text, you ask who its from and she says "no one". Hope this helped you and your relationship! :-D

If your Ex talks bad about you to friends what does it mean?

It means they still like you.

How do you now if your exboyfriend still likes you?

if he flirts with you, or talks to you often. if he still tries to hang out with you and treats you like you're his girlfriend.

What does it mean an ex girlfriend says its over for sure but still talks about the relationship when you call her?

Why are you still calling her if the relationship is over?

Who talks on the phone longer to their friends?

i think men talk on the phone longer because they can make up bunches of stuff to talk about

Does he like you if he talks about breaking up with his girlfriend?

Maybe. But bear in mind, he is still with his girlfriend. So best case scenario, he breaks up with her, dates you...but then talks with some other girl about any problems you and he are having.

How could you talk to my girlfriend if she doesn't even talks to me?

Could phone her text her email her or ask her to go out somewhere with you

Is it bad someones boyfriend talks to is freinds more than he talks to his girlfriend?

No it means that he just doesn't want to lose his friends or his girlfriend. He wants to juggle and not be a jerk to either the girlfriend or his social life. Remember Friendships last and they are more important then the typical and regular relationships of that kind of love.

What do you do when your girlfriend still talks to her ex-boyfriend's family and now wants you to meet them?

Kill the ex bf

Why am I jealous when my girlfriend talks to another guy?

You are jealous wen your girlfriend talks to another guy because you are insecure.

One of my best guy friends that i happen to like calls me his girlfriend and talks about us making out but we're not actually dating What does this mean?

The fact that your good guy friend calls you his girlfriend and talks about making out is a good indication that he likes you as more than a friend.

How do you know if she is she is still interested?

If she still flirts with you, go and talk to her friends and see if she talks about you or if she told them she wants to get back together with you.

What doesn't mean if your girlfriend talks to your best friend more than she talks to you?

It could mean a crush, or she just likes talking to him. In otherwards try to talk to her in the way your bestfrend talks to her, if she still talks to him more than you it may be a crush.

How d oyou know if your boyfrined is still in love with his ex-girlfriend?

if he talks about her and or doesnt act himself around you

What do you do if you still have feelings for your ex-boyfriend but all he talks about is his new girlfriend?

Take it one day at a time and move on.

Is it considered cheating if your boyfriend talks to a women in a romantic way through the phone but she lives in another country?

yes because even though she lives in another country he still talks in a romantic way to her over the phone.

How do you tell if your girlfriend really likes you?

She talks to you even though she is with her friends... she doesnt flinch when you touch her, she gives you peanut butter as presents. THANK YOU!