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tell your girlfriend and then go to your boyfriend and say all the good things about your girlfriend


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The simple answer is that he likes you and he's trying to find out if you like him. He also might be trying to be funny or something. If your really confident, you could just ask him! Another possibility is that he wants you to "flirt back" which, is up to you to do.

yes! That's the whole point. it comedy

i am his best friend and he is really cool and funny hey Lewis it is Aaron

it could mean they are really jealous or they really aren't your friend and may be trying to take advantage of you for something? Just talk about there flaws and see what happens

The friend of Robinson was a tribal from another place. His name was "Friday" :D a little funny!

the way he acts around her . and if he acts really funny around her

no its not is was just a bunch of idiots trying to be funny no its not is was just a bunch of idiots trying to be funny

Well either he's trying to be funny or he thinks of you as more than a friend (if you know what I mean).

My best friend did her speech on her big sister and she got in the finals.She did another speech obout how to write a speech. She is really funny and got into the finals with both speeches.

Think of another joke. This one isn't funny nor what you do as a friend.

If you're trying to copy me, you're better at being ugly!

my friend did it and was acting really funny and said he blacked out for a few seconds. i wouldnt recommend it

Mitch Allen really loves her! She is in his opinion smart, funny, an amazingly good friend, and is BEUTIFUL.

theyre bored and theyre trying to make friends with you. llalalala

6 some people might be trying to be funny and say 42 but it is really 6

They're just trying to be funny in front of their friends, er not really in front of them....

i think you should get her an Obama mask.that's what i did for my friend she LOVED it. seriously. its soo funny :) you can find them at Halloween express!Do something funny and buy a gift that everyone gets that's original

Pranks are hilarious. When on is really funny you tend to be laghing at yourself but you should never talk a prank to far. You have try one on ur friend, brother, sister, teacher somebody!

To write a really funny poem watch funny things on tv and copy them of tv to your poem its easy!

debby ryan is funny and her t.v shows shemar

Dumb Energized Alligators it definetely does not stand for this and i bet ur trying to be funny but people want to find out what it means really!

I'm not trying to be funny, but it really depends on which toe was amputated, and how much responsibility you yourself carry for its amputation.

Smart... not really... I think that you're just trying to be funny. the world ends in 2013 jk

It could means she really likes you and is trying to get that across or she simply just finds you funny or amusing.

Ahahaha, are you trying to be funny?

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