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If there are some medical bills on your credit report that should have been paid by your insurance company how can you have these removed?

You can attempt to have any item removed from your credit report by the same method; writing a letter of dispute to the bureaus. "...should have been paid by your insurance company..." is not a valid reason for dispute. If you were to write with this reason, (most likely) the accounts will be verified and they will remain on your credit for 7 years from the date they were defaulted.

What has the author Anne E Grant written?

Anne E. Grant has written: 'Dispute resolution in the insurance industry' -- subject(s): Insurance law, Dispute resolution (Law)

If your car is hit by an illegal alien who does not have a drivers license and your insurance company says you are at fault how do you dispute this?

The liability is not determined by whether one of the driver's is an illegal alien or licensed. If you cause an accident with another vehicle, your insurance company will owe the claim regardless. You dispute it in the same way you would any other unapproved claim: find witnesses and file a lawsuit. The answer by anonymous, is correct assuming you have full coverage. If you do not have collision insurance, they do not owe you for your car, and if you do not have liability (but then you wouldn't even have an insurance company since they wouldn't write any other coverage without it) they don't owe for the IA's damages either.

Would life insurance pay beneficiary if medical issues were not disclosed?

If you answered all questions on the life insurance application honestly, there should not be a problem. If however, some questions were not answered truthfully, and the medical issues not disclosed on the application led to the death of the insured, the life insurance company may dispute the claim, and not pay it. This situation may be considered a material misrepresentation. If information was not disclosed to the insurance company regarding a medical problem of the applicant, that would have caused the insurance company to decline the applicant for coverage, this would be considered a material misrepresentation of the facts. Depending on the medical issue not disclosed, and if it directly led to the insured's death or not, the insurance company may dispute payment, or deny coverage and return all premiums paid with interest, or pay the claim. It's always best to answer all questions truthfull when applying for life insurance.

I backed into a car and broke the tail light no ticket was issued the driver is not claiming 2000 dollars in damage to my insurance how do you dispute?

You would discuss this with your insurance company. They are the ones to decide if and how much to pay the claimant and your input could help.

Does the bank notify you when your life insurance beneficiary is to receieve monies?

I'm not taking your question lightly, but if YOUR life insurance beneficiary is going to receive money, that means YOU died. Hence, since you would be gone, there would be nobody to notify. The insurance company has to be notified of your death. Your BENEFICIARY or policyowner or executor has to FILE A CLAIM to receive the death proceeds. The check is usually just sent to the beneficiary or beneficiaries. Sometimes things are a little more invovled when there are title questions, like a divorce, or dying intestate, or if the insurance company is notififed of a dispute in court over the ownership. If you're having a dispute, notify the insurnace company of the dispute and the person's death, so they can freeze issuing the proceeds to someone who may be last listed as the beneficieary, but the court finds in favor of another party.

When a dispute arises between french and UK company what law is used?

International court for justice will solve the dispute.

Though owner has full coverage insurance and gets into an accident can cosigner be sued.?

You will need to check your insurance policy for the details of liability. Contact your auto insurance company for clarification and also take notes of the conversation including whom you talked to for later reference. The policy is the document of reference in any dispute.

You have received a bill for medical care that was not provided What can you do?

Dispute it in writing with the company. If it shows as a collection on your credit, contact the three bureaus and dispute it with them.

What auto insurance companies pay claims in a timely manner?

Auto insurance companies are incentivized to delay the payment of claims because it gives them longer to dispute the claim, and could induce the claimant to accept a lower amount due to financial necessity. The question about how to get reimbursed faster probably depends more upon the facts of the individual accident than it does upon which insurance company you are dealing with. The more clear-cut the case is, the less they can dispute it, the faster you get paid.

How long after an injury does an insurance company have to pay for lost wages?

That should have been noted in the release forms that all insurance companies require an injured person to sign. If it was not noted then it will be at their discretion. The injured person has the option to dispute any decision through proscribed legal venues.

If a person has filed a claim with insurance can they close the dispute without having insurance solve it?

Simply advise your insurers you no longer wish to proceed with your claim.

Does personal injury protection on home owners policy cover lawsuits for property line disputes?

Personal Injury ProtectionNo, Personal Injury covers bodily injuries. It would not invoke over a property line dispute.AnswerA confusing question. Homeowners insurance will protect in a general sense for any negligence against an 'insured'. The action brought would need to meet certain criteria under the homeowners policy to trigger coverage - namely an "occurrence" causing bodily injury or property damages - property line dispute is fairly vague - if a fence building on incorrect spot for example - homeowners would coverage damage caused by improper placement of fence (landscaping repairs, etc)

You have health insurance with bcbs I applied to aetna through AARP and was turned down can they do that?

Yes. Different insurance companies often have different underwriters. Just because you get benefits and provide payment to your insurance company, doesn't mean they actually are the one insuring your health. They actually have their own underwriters who say yes or no on whether a person is insurable. They pay their own fees and get benefits from that underwriter. So when you provide information to your insurance company, they actually forward it on to their underwriters so there's that extra chance of identify theft and if you change insurance companies because of a dispute, if the new company has the same underwriter they will know the whole story. Confused yet?

How do you request a homeowner insurance from a neighbor?

You don't, your insurance covers your home and your neighbors insurance covers their home. If you have a covered property loss, you contact your own insurance company, not your neighbors. Likewise if your neighbor suffers a loss, he contacts his own insurer, not yours. Should the two of you ever have cause to meet in a legal dispute, you both may get to meet the others insurance company through their legal defense teams. Just contact your own insurer, If they determine your neighbor is somehow financially liable for a loss they would know how to subrogate the claim.

Why did Kerry not travel to the 1910 all Ireland final?

A dispute with the Greath Southern Railway Company had led to Kerry refusing to travel. The railway company restricted facilities that were usually allowed to travelling supporters leading to the dispute.

How do you dispute auto accident repairs from insurance company?

A dispute of repairs resulting from an accident should be directed to the Shop that made the repairs. The insurer is responsible for paying for the agreed amount for the repairs. However it is the Vehicle owners responsibility to choose a reputable repair shop of choice and the Shops responsibility to provide a quality of work acceptable to the vehicle owner. The insurance company who paid the repair bill is not further liable for poor quality of workmanship ptovided by the repair shop nor for a poor choice of repair facility on the part of the vehicles owner.

Texas Dealership wrecks my new car what can I do?

Depending on the circumstances, the dealer should be liable for the vehicle damages. If the dealer or their insurance company will not make an acceptable offer of repair or replacement, then an attorney may have to be retained and the dispute may have to go to court.

Have been taking care of mothers final expenses and was issued a check by ins co for death benefits the ins co made it to the estate instead of you the beneficiary bank wont honor it?

It will have to go through Probate. You may be the beneficiary of your mothers estate, but if you were not listed on the insurance policy, it is just issued to the estate so that no one can come back on the insurance company if there is a dispute between people or debts owed. This way the insurance company is out of the picture and it is up to the court to decide who gets it.

Who do you write a letter of dispute to?

You can write a letter of dispute to the collection agencies if that is who listed your credit account wrong. If it is a company, you can write a letter directly to their account or customer service department.

What is the correct spelling despute or dispute?

Dispute is the correct spelling.Dispute is the correct spelling.Dispute is the correct spelling.Dispute is the correct spelling.Dispute is the correct spelling.Dispute is the correct spelling.Dispute is the correct spelling.Dispute is the correct spelling.Dispute is the correct spelling.Dispute is the correct spelling.Dispute is the correct spelling.

Are Oregon dentists required to have malpractice insurance?

There is no legal requirement in Oregon that says that dentists must have insurance but, as my source at the Oregon Board of Dentistry says, "it would be pretty unwise to not." I'm told that the Oregon Insurance Commission may help you find out whether or not a dentist is covered, and by which insurance company. Meanwhile, sometimes the dentist will tell you whether or not they're covered by malpractice insurance. If they don't, and there's a dispute, "then that's when you might have to get an attorney involved," says the source - or file in small claims court.

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