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Q: What do you do if your insurance wont pay for damage after a storm you have homeowners insurance but the insurance company is in dispute of the ammount of damage?
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Would the homeowners insurance cover medical bills due to domestic dispute?


What is insurance that protects a homeowner in case of a property ownership dispute?

title insurance

If there are some medical bills on your credit report that should have been paid by your insurance company how can you have these removed?

You can attempt to have any item removed from your credit report by the same method; writing a letter of dispute to the bureaus. "...should have been paid by your insurance company..." is not a valid reason for dispute. If you were to write with this reason, (most likely) the accounts will be verified and they will remain on your credit for 7 years from the date they were defaulted.

What has the author Anne E Grant written?

Anne E. Grant has written: 'Dispute resolution in the insurance industry' -- subject(s): Insurance law, Dispute resolution (Law)

If your car is hit by an illegal alien who does not have a drivers license and your insurance company says you are at fault how do you dispute this?

The liability is not determined by whether one of the driver's is an illegal alien or licensed. If you cause an accident with another vehicle, your insurance company will owe the claim regardless. You dispute it in the same way you would any other unapproved claim: find witnesses and file a lawsuit. The answer by anonymous, is correct assuming you have full coverage. If you do not have collision insurance, they do not owe you for your car, and if you do not have liability (but then you wouldn't even have an insurance company since they wouldn't write any other coverage without it) they don't owe for the IA's damages either.

I backed into a car and broke the tail light no ticket was issued the driver is not claiming 2000 dollars in damage to my insurance how do you dispute?

You would discuss this with your insurance company. They are the ones to decide if and how much to pay the claimant and your input could help.

Would life insurance pay beneficiary if medical issues were not disclosed?

If you answered all questions on the life insurance application honestly, there should not be a problem. If however, some questions were not answered truthfully, and the medical issues not disclosed on the application led to the death of the insured, the life insurance company may dispute the claim, and not pay it. This situation may be considered a material misrepresentation. If information was not disclosed to the insurance company regarding a medical problem of the applicant, that would have caused the insurance company to decline the applicant for coverage, this would be considered a material misrepresentation of the facts. Depending on the medical issue not disclosed, and if it directly led to the insured's death or not, the insurance company may dispute payment, or deny coverage and return all premiums paid with interest, or pay the claim. It's always best to answer all questions truthfull when applying for life insurance.

When a dispute arises between french and UK company what law is used?

International court for justice will solve the dispute.

Does the bank notify you when your life insurance beneficiary is to receieve monies?

I'm not taking your question lightly, but if YOUR life insurance beneficiary is going to receive money, that means YOU died. Hence, since you would be gone, there would be nobody to notify. The insurance company has to be notified of your death. Your BENEFICIARY or policyowner or executor has to FILE A CLAIM to receive the death proceeds. The check is usually just sent to the beneficiary or beneficiaries. Sometimes things are a little more invovled when there are title questions, like a divorce, or dying intestate, or if the insurance company is notififed of a dispute in court over the ownership. If you're having a dispute, notify the insurnace company of the dispute and the person's death, so they can freeze issuing the proceeds to someone who may be last listed as the beneficieary, but the court finds in favor of another party.

Though owner has full coverage insurance and gets into an accident can cosigner be sued.?

You will need to check your insurance policy for the details of liability. Contact your auto insurance company for clarification and also take notes of the conversation including whom you talked to for later reference. The policy is the document of reference in any dispute.

You have received a bill for medical care that was not provided What can you do?

Dispute it in writing with the company. If it shows as a collection on your credit, contact the three bureaus and dispute it with them.

Who is Shane wan?

wife of Jonathan Lock who took insurance giant - NTUC Income to high court due to motor insurance dispute

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