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you can stop riding a bike for one day or when tour legs stop hurting.

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Q: What do you do if your legs hurt from riding a bike for a long time?
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When you riding a bike is the leg become stronger and a good shape?

Well, it'd really depend on how hard, for long and how often you ride. But bike riding can help shape and strengthen your legs.

Is riding a bike a good cardio workout to get a flat stomach?

Riding a bike is good for your cardio and will give you great legs. It may help you gain a flat stomach as well depending on how long you ride and how fast.

Can daddy long legs hurt you?

no they can not hurt people.

How long to ride 7 miles on stationary bike?

Talking about riding speeds and riding distances on a stationary bike is rather pointless because the bike isn't going anywhere, at any speed. If you're riding for exercise, count the time instead.

Is riding a bike considered exercise?

Sure, as long as you put enough effort in.

How long has dirt bike riding been around?

No thanks please tell me

What is Out of practice?

Though he hadn't ridden a bike for years, Harry decided he needed to get fit. He got his old bike out of the garage and set off down the road. Before too long, with aching legs, a sweating brow and suffering from saddle sore, Harry realised he was 'out of practise' at riding a bicycle.

Got hurt between my legs pubic area when riding a boys bicycle and i notice a swelling on the left side of the lower pubic area How long does it take to go down?

It will probably take as long as it would if you hurt your arm, it is more painful though. If the swelling doesn't go down, you should see a doctor

Which sport usually involves riding bike over a long distance?

Triathlon, Iron Man, expedition racing.

Do exercise bikes distort growth?

Not for any reasonable amount of use. But a combination of things, like poor bike adjustment, riding at a high resistance, long sessions, no stretching, no warm-up etc. can cause you to get hurt.

How long would it take to burn off 170 calories riding an eliptical bike?

This is based on someone weighing 150 Pounds. Riding and Elliptical Bike at 12-14 Km/H for 17Mins will burn roughly 168 calories.

If you are riding a bike for about 8.7 miles then how long would a trip take at a normal speed?

about 2 hours

If you are riding a bike for 6 miles then how long would a trip take at a normal speed?

24 minutes

What can make your butt bigger?

squats or riding your bike for long periods of time can make your butt bigger

Is a bmx bike good for a girl?

A BMX bike is good for both boys and girls, as long as they want to do BMX-style riding, with jumps, tricks and that. If you don't want that, there are several bike types that are better, more comfortable, and more efficient for general riding-around type of use.

How long would 12 mile bike ride riding comfortably on a mountain bike on the rode take?

to be honest it could take as long as a pice of string it just depends how fast your cycling....hope this helped you

How long does a suzuki dirt bike last?

Suzuki makes a good bike, however this is too vague of a question. This would depend on what model of Suzuki dirt bike, the type of riding you do, maintenance and how hard you ride it.

How many calories can you burn from bike riding all day long?

You will burn 250-800 calories per hour depending on how fast and how many miles you ride a bike.

Is bike a long or short vowel sound?


Can grand daddy long legs hurt you?

They are actually not spiders, but are still of the arachnid family.

Where does the name Clydesdale come from?

england!! my mum grew up there and i love riding clydesdales...long legs are good for that!

Why do mountain bikes have different frames?

Because different frames will give the bike different properties, which will influence the characteristics of the bike. A low top tube makes it possible to tilt the bike side to side, which is good for technical riding, but means that you need a long seat post, which is bad for stiffness when riding in the saddle. Short rear stays makes the bike nimble and good for uphill climbs, but makes it jittery on ascents.

Why do men's bicycles have crossbar and women's do not?

Bike frames with crossbars(AKA top tubes) are generally stronger/stiffer/lighter than bike frames w/o them, but back in the day when the bicycle was invented it was indecent for a woman to show her legs in public (they all wore long skirts). So bike frames were made w/o the top tube so that they could be ridden by women in long skirts. Although no one cares about women exposing their legs in public these days, the tradition of "mens" and "womens" bike frames have lived on. These days though you can see both performance oriented women riding"mens" bikes, and comfort oriented men using "womens" bikes.

How long would it take to ride a mile at 5 mph on a stationary bike?

Looking at the pure maths - 1 mile at 5 MPH will take you 1/5 h = 12 minutes. But talking about riding speeds and riding distances on a stationary bike is rather pointless because the bike isn't going anywhere, at any speed. This sounds like a trick question.

What is Australia's deadliest spider?

the deadliest spider in the world is actually a Daddy long legs but they don't hurt us because their legs are to long so their fangs cant reach us its a true fact.