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Children can sense a lot more than we give them credit for. Sit down with your son and ask him why he doesn't want to visit his father. If the father is a good man and you don't want to hurt his feelings, it's time to sit down with the father and discuss this problem. Both of you can work something out. Please don't force your child to do something they don't want to do. There is a reason your child is not comfortable leaving you and visiting his father and it could simply be not wanting to be away from you. If you discuss this with your ex then hopefully you can let the child skip the visitation rights for now or plan to do things together with your ex and son. Many children around this age are not comfortable with "overnighters" or being away from their mothers. Divorce or parents splitting up is far harder on children than adults often realize.

It's certainly true that even very young children are quite intuitive and their feelings should most definitely be addressed. However, if the possessory conservator is not willing to discuss or negotiate other terms, the managing conservator should use extreme caution before taking any action. When an order of visitation is in place it cannot be ignored/violated without the possibility of a contempt of court citation.

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Q: What do you do if your six-year-old refuses to visit to his father and you are afraid your child will hate you if you force him to go?
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If a father refuses to pay child support, he's sent to jail and will not be let out until he pays the child support.

How do you get an ex to talk to you when he refuses to and you are pregnant with his child?

I'm afraid you probably won't be able to. You can get legal help to make him pay child maintenance

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Not really. It depends on the situation.

How can an unmarried mother get her child returned to her after the biological father not a legal father refuses to return the child to her mother after a visit?

In England and Wales - Phone the Police, it is kidnap.

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Yes unless the mother gets remarried and the child is adopted by the new husband

Can a mother with full custody stop the father from seeing the child?

No. A father has the right to see their child. Only the court can bar visitations. A mother who refuses to allow the father his visitation rights risks losing custody.

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The father must establish his paternity in the family court and petition for a visitation schedule and/or joint custody. The father should act immediately.

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If you have a court order of the custody agreement you can call the police.

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yes, and should see links below

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If the child doesn't want to go, his dad can't sue him into doing it.

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Refuses or is not able to in this economy? Of the two, not getting access to the child is far more damaging to the child and society as a whole. We don't need more another fatherless child adding to the crime rate. see link below.

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