What do you do in Club Penguin?

You chat walk around play games do missions and take tests...and hang out with people all around the world!!
Okay Well Where Do I Start... Club Penguin Is A Place Where You Chat And Have Loads Of Fun... If Your Hanging Out At The Beach Or Decorating Your New Igloo With The Latest Items!! You Can Buy Stuff At The Gift Shop Or In The Better Igloo Catalog, Hang Out And Chat, Or Play Games Like Puffle Rescue (Members Only) Or Aqua Grabber, Complete Missions In The EPF Force, Or Simply Watching A Play, Or Trying To Earn Stamps!! There Is So Much To Do It's So Hard To Tell You!! Join Today And Find Out For Yourself!! Please Note The Following: Cheating Software Such As Penguin Storm etc. Can Ban You Forever So Can Swearing, Sexual Language, Talking About Alcohol.