Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum
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What do you do next with Arceus's code?


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If you mean: Where do i go to get the Arceus?

Head up to the top of Mt. Coronet to Spear Pillar where you get Palkia (Pearl) or Diagla (Diamond).

Now if the game hasn't promted you to use the Azure Flute (It should say "The Flute is making strange noises, want to blow into it?"). Go into you key items section of the bag and use the Azure Flute.

Now a stair way made of what looks like light/crystal should appear, walk up and there Arceus will be. Be careful though as it is at level 80.

Now if you mean: What do i do once I've used the code?

Go to the door of any Poke' Mart and stop before entering, Hold L + R together as you enter and a man in green clothes should be stood by the counter.

Talk to him to get the Azure Flute, Then use the top answer i gave to actually get Arceus.