What do you do on Club Penguin?

What you do is, you explore, play and make new friends! Plus, if u become a member, you can decorate your igloo, get clothes for your penguin and get lots of puffles! You can also become these things; an agent,ninja,fire nija and tour guide. Plus if your lucky, you can meet famous club penguin people but they are very rare. They are; Rockhopper, Gary, Aunt Artic, Candace and the club penguin band!
I hope you enjoy Club Penguin!
you waddle around and meet new friends, like play good games like sleging and connent four,and lots more,and if your a member you can buy awsome clothes for boys or for girs really cute and preety clothes to buy on your penguin, also you can go to the thetere and the puffles are in the pet shop! i hope you have fun:) herbert says that we have to waddle around and make friends with something LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!