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If he/she is your best friend, If you say sorry to him/her, he/she will definitely forgive you. If you did some silly/some forgivable mistakes.


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If your friend won't forgive you, write them a nice email, text, or letter saying that "I'm really sorry for _______. Since what I did wasn't nice, you don't have to forgive me, but I want you to know that your my best friend and always will be. I hope you forgive me. Sincerely, _____

You can't force another person to forgive you. The best you can do is sincerely apologize and hope.

if your best friend doesn't forgive u and u tried everything u could there is nothing u can do. try everything u can and if he/she doesn't forgive u stop tring. Find some friends who u know are forgiving and hang out with them instead.

She may not as true friends just don't do that. Unfortunately you are going to have to learn from this situation and not repeat it in the future.

You can't make someone do anything. If you did something wrong, admit to it and ask them to forgive you. They don't have to and you will never have the relationship you once did.

if a friend goes out with your ex you cant stop her your have to let her be happy. the same goes for your ex ,you cant have him forever so the best thing to do is forgive them .im not saying forgive and forget but you gave to at least let it go.

IT depends on what he did. Ask your friends and parents. They will be a big help.

If you are really best friends, then you would talk to her about it and hopefully forgive each other and be friends again.

It is a wise person that understands no one is perfect; not even themselves. One thing I personally would forgive a friend for is a mistake they have made that has hurt my feelings and they have learned from that mistake and apologized to me.

You can't MAKE your friend forgive you. The only advice I can give you is that maybe you should get them they want for really long or they have but want something better than that. Maybe your friend might forgive you! :) GOOD LUCK!

Luke 23:34 verse says as "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do".That is the best scripture when a friend or realtive or anyone in this world was murdered.

Dont worry, just give him/her a bit of time and then try to talk to them about why they hate you, and if they are a good friend over time they will forgive you :)

say your sooo sorry and you've forgave them when they've done something bad and say god always says to forgive and forget i lost my friend carli griffin and it was the stupidest thing i ever did

It depends on what it is if your best friend did something really dangerous and you saved them from getting hurt then they will forgive you and thank you in the end. Or if you did it just because you were mad at them then they probably be mad and you honestly probably deserved it but just say sorry and they may forgive you i have had lots of ups and downs with my best friend and we after 13 years are still bestfriends so don't worry you to will probably be ok good luck.:)

It really all depends on you. If you're the forgive and forget type, you will probably learn to live with it and be ok with it. Personally, if my "best friend" didn't care about my feelings or thoughts on the matter, they wouldn't be much of a friend anymore, much less a best friend.

If it wasn't intentional, forgive and forget it. If it was intentional, forgive, move on, be careful.

Well ask yourself this.....did she know you liked him? If she did the answer is NO! You definitely DON'T forgive her! If she didn't know you liked him, then yes! You explain to her you don't appreciate her going out with him and if she's a good friend, she will break up with him!:)GOOD LUCK! :)

hunn! if she\he is really your best friend you will fight and you will have yourups and downs and at one point you say i hate you! and your not my friend anymore but twars the end you will miss her\him you might not know it or don't want to idmit it but youll miss her\him and if shes\he really your best friend she\he will say sorry until u forgive her and think if she was your best friend she wouldn't btray you so mabey it was an axident and you've got her\him in bed crying her\him eyes out so think i miss her\him FORGIVE HER\him!! ive been through it don't let her\him get in the way of your life!!

If it is you that your friend cannot forgive, then give your friend space. Let a lot of time pass (weeks, or even months). If your friend still cannot forgive you then you need to face that and give up the friendship. Just deal with it; life will go on and maybe years from now you can re-connect. If you have a friend who cannot forgive someone else, just continue being friends and let your friend talk about it if necessary. You cannot make a person forgive someone. It happens over time, or it doesn't happen. You have to roll with it.

Yes you should. Everyone should forgive and forget. But please write on my bio page i there is any questions. This is what I really want to ask: I am very troubled with this friend as she bad-mouthed about me and now my best friend ignores me. What should I do?

It depends on how grave whatever they did was. If you really consider that person your friend then you should have a talk with him/her and forgive them! Every one deserves second chances.

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