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Remove the lower panel from left fender .

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Q: What do you do to remove the 12 volt battery in a 1992 corvette?
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Could you informe me if Corvette Stingray 1976 used battery of 12 or 6 volts?

The 1976 Chevrolet Corvette has a 12 volt system.

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Remove the battery and check it with a volt meter.

How do you recharge a 12 volt battery?

With a 12 volt battery charger. Red + connected to + post on battery. Black - connected to any metal part of the vehicle. You do not have to remove the battery from the vehicle.

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Does a 62 volkswagen need a 12 volt battery or a 6?

The 1964 VW Beetle came from the factory with a 6 volt electrical system. Unless it has been upgraded to a 12 volt system you would need a 6 volt battery. I would recommend you check the voltage of the current battery with a volt meter. If there is no battery in the vehicle, just remove a light bulb and check the voltage written on the bulb.

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no, if you charge 9 volt battery with 12 volt battery you will destroy 9 volt battery

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Remove Phillips screw in hand control and replace 9 volt battery

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The battery is a 12 volt.

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