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What do you do when the one you are madly in love with is a compulsive liar?



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It is of course just my opinion, but this is not a relationship that is healthy to be a part of. If you are just falling in love, cut your losses and find someone else. Pathological lying is deep-seeded and how can you ever trust them?? Trust is 90% or more of a relationship. Good luck to you. I am on this site for the first time and I am the one who posted this question earlier. Thanks for the advice. I wanted to clarify that I have been with this guy since he was 16 and I was eighteen. That was 10 years ago. We were friends in the beginning and saw each other with other people. We dated a touch, then broke up, then dated etc. We eventually dated consecutively for 5 years. I know he loves me more than he could any other girl he knows. It's just that he is a liar and I catch him, he'll admit it and say a bunch of excuses as to why he lied. Sometimes he won't admit it, even when faced with proof. I am so invested in this relationship that I don't just want to never talk to him again (which is what I probably should do), I want him to get better but it seems that no matter how many times I forgive him, he'll eventually go back to his pattern. I do love him, and he's a good-hearted guy. I really don't think he can help himself-he really believes some of the lies he tells. I do believe that he loves me as much as is possible for him to love someone. I'm screwed up to even think about putting up with this anymore.