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You don't have to see him, but you can still have a relationship with your friends. Tell your friends to respect your wishes not to see your ex while you are in their company. You will expect them not to invite him/her to functions that you have been invited. If your friends cannot abide by your request, then drop them as friends.

2006-08-01 21:57:30
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If you leave ym network on Facebook do you lose your friends?

No you keep the same friends but they just do not belong to the same network as you anymore. But you can still talk to them etc. Nothing really changes apart from the fact your not so called in their network.

Can a rabbit and cat live in the same place?

Only if they are friends.

Is silk still made the same way is was in the 19th century?

yes but only in china that's the only place you can find it anymore

Does the Golden Gate Bridge still has the same purpose it did when it was first built?

no. you can't drive cars over it anymore.

How do you get over insecurity when it comes to your guy being with his friends or going out to the club?

Do the same to him go the your friends and hang out. or just talk to him.

Why do some friendships break up?

Friendships break up because the friends like different things or they just don't like each other anymore. But sometimes they might like the same person and they start fighting over he/she. (Alfa male)

What do you do when a girl is mad at you and hates you and your not friends anymore but you want to stay not friends but at the same time make her not hate you?

Sorry to hear this. Not much you can do. If you've apologized to her, just continue to be nice to her, but you have to give her some space and time to get over it. If you're still nice to her she should come around to be nice to you eventually. Be patient and good luck.

How do you get over a lover who doesn't love you anymore?

Wow that's a tough queastion. How do you get over someone who you love that dousnt love you anymore...Its one of the most painful things to experience and even harder to get over BUT it can be done. Im talking from personal experience here. There is a program ''LoveShock'' that takes you through the steps of getting over someone..I read the book while i was in the same situation and it helped alot. Just knowing that your not the only person out there helps. There are ways to get over it.

How to gain new friends how can we gain friends?

just be nice to ppl and if you have a bad image try to explain to ppl that that's not you anymore and if you just want to gain friends then just be as nice as you can be or try to find somebody that likes the same thing s you do and your bound find friends soon! (:

Can I play Monopoly 2008 with friends online?

The game can't be played online, only with friends who can play on the same computer.

What if your friends with your ex an you have a bf but still not over your ex an its possible your ex might feel the same way about you?

Yes, sometimes it takes a long time to get over a relationship, and some people think that the only way to get over it is to see more people.

How do you get over your boyfriend being married and he still has the same friends?

You don't. Kick him to the curb!

How tell your friend that you don't want to be friends anymore but she still follows you?

tell her that u have a lot of friends and that u would like to be with more friends then just her and it is hard to make/have friends when the same friend follows you around all the time and is constantly bye your side. (in the annoying kind of way)

You are crazy in love with your best friend and all your other friends are in the same group as him so how do you become just friends with him and get past this you are not in hs anymore BTW?

* If your in love with some one and all the girls like him to you should tell that you like him and maybe hell say the same thing.

Can you become grumpy from the foods you eat?

no only if you eat the same food(s) over and over again, you would get grumpy from eating it over and over again. no only if you eat the same food(s) over and over again, you would get grumpy from eating it over and over again.

What are benefits of propane on a diesel as for fuel economy power?

there is no benefit anymore used to be propane was a 1/4 the price of diesel and that was the only reason it was used anymore the price of propane and diesel is about the same

What do you do if you have a teacher with the same last name as you and your friends tease you about it?

They will only tease you if they think it bothers you.

Can you get a phone with sprint with bad cradit?

Get a prepaid, none of my friends goes for the contract nonsense anymore & it's much better that way for the same service & no surprises on your bill.

Do best friends always have the same friends?

No, best friends do not always have the same friend. We do not have to force our friends to others.

What country song has your best friends are pirates?

If we are thinking about the same song, it " my only friends are pirates" and it Kenny Chesney and the song is Better Then A Memory

How would you know when you BF is not interested anymore?

When he doesn't look at you the same.. Doesn't wanna hang out with you anymore.. Doesn't kiss you the same.. Talks about other girls! Doesn't compliment you as much anymore..

How do you get over someone when you both have the same circle of friends?

You don't want to lose your friends over this one person so you easily confront them and tell them how you fell about the whole situation. If stillfeel uncomfortable around he/she then just tell your friends about and hang around when their not there.

How do you get over a guy if you have the same friends?

make sure you keep cool and don't try to put your friends aginst him, you dont want to create a mess, but its ok to be sad and share w your friends :)

Is it gay to change in front of you friends?

No. It is only gay if you are sexually attracted to members of the same gender.

What does it mean when your only happy around your friends?

It means that it get to the point that you be around your friends so much that when your not around them you really have nothing to do or dont enjoy yourself the same way when you were around your friends