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TO get the HOLD off and CODE back on- you turn key on and not start car- turn radio on and wait upto 24 hrs- CODE will show -then enter code for your car and hit OK*this was straight from the dealer

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โˆ™ 2005-11-21 21:13:52
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Q: What do you do when the radio states HOLD after the battery was replaced and you tried the wrong code more than once?
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I replaced the battery on my 1997 S320 and tried to reset the radio with the code supplied following the steps in the instruction manual but the radio does not reset.?

Its possible that maybe your radio has been replaced? So the radio code that you have, might not be the correct one for the radio. I would suggest pulling the radio out and getting the serial number off the radio, then just call a Mercedes dealer and they can get the correct radio code for you from the serial number.

You replaced your o2 censor but your computer still cant read it?

Have you tried disconnecting your battery? Usually that resets the code.

The battery died in your 2001 ultra classic now the radio is nothing but static why?

If you jump started it without pulling the radio fuze, you fried it. It can be repaired for about 200.00 through Radio Sound if you haven't already tried to fix it.

3.4 1996 Monte Carlo you have replaced the alternator and the battery in the last month this morning it started fine than you tried to start it at work and it does nothing at all?

Make sure the battery cables are making good contact with the battery and are clean and tight.

You replaced the Battery on your 2000 Chevy Express G1500 w5.7l engine and tried to start it heard a pop and everything went dead - Is there a main fuse or somthing that you can check?

This was caused by a poor connection at the Battery. We disconnected and and reconnected the new battery and everything worked fine.

My 1991 Pontiac sunbird will not turn over what could be causing this I replaced the battery and it still isn't starting?

Have you tried replacing the starter? it also could be the fuel regulator

You cannot seem so get any power from the battery to the truck its a 1998 suburban when you tried to start it nothing lights up no door locks no radio no ignition no lights ect totally dead?

First check for a corroded or damaged battery terminal. Next check the battery.

Why does SEC keep on coming up on my Toyota Echo radio?

Ive got the same problem after my battery went flat, any one know how to fix it? I've tried taking the battery off oan on again but no luck.

Wiring diagram for a Chevy van?

I have an 01 chev express conversion van and my after market radio was stolen so i went put back the factory radio everything work but no sound out of my speakers and i tried the battery trick but nothing

How does the radio function?

im not sure how the radio functions, i tried to ask you

What is the code to unlock the car stereo on a 1992 Honda Accord?

I have a 92 Honda accord with anti theft radio that needs a code when battery is disconnected. My code is 34444 if you have tried several codes that did not work you might need to disconnect your battery and reconnect battery again then try the code.

They tried to jump your car but the radio fuse blew what happened?

There are many reasons a radio fuse can blow. However, if it happened while trying to jump-start a vehicle, most likely what happened is the cables were hooked up to the battery backwards.

If you replaced the starter and battery both are good When you start to turn the key nothing no battery power to ac no turn over you did put the battery checker thing to the starter and tried turning?

If everything seems to be dead, no lights,ac,radio,when you turn the keyone click (on), You might see if you have a fuseable link on the negativebattery cable. If these burn out everything does not receive any batteryvoltage. They are usually covered with tape and some have markings also.If you phone an auto supply with the model of your car they may help.good luck.

The radio will not come on how to get the radio on?

have you tried plugging it in? yes and checked all fuses

You own a 1997 C230 with 99000 miles It has a problem with starting consistently you had the ignition assembly replaced and tried a new key. The battery and plugs have been checked.?

Try diagnosing the starter

2001 Dodge Neon cannot get started battery has been replaced twice but you can't even get the starter to turn over has happened several times and each time mechanic replaces battery and claims altern?

Ever tried replacing the starter negative battery cable is often overlooked double check it and replace any corroded wires or battery clamps

Will a factory radio from a 1998 Ford Explorer work in a 1996 Explorer?

Nope. I just tried it on my explorers because the radio died on my 98 and I tried to swap it with my 96.

Your jag s type had a flat battery now radiocd does not work checked fuses all ok there should be some info on radio to allow you to enter code but nothing anyone had this before?

Once your battery is fully charged again. Disconnect the battery Neg. cable for 10 seconds. Then reconnect Neg. cable. Push your remote unlock button to reset the alarm off. Now turn your radio on and check the radio it should be working. We call this a "hard reset" of the module. ^ I just tried the above sequence, and it did not work.

What will happen if you take the battery out of your DSi?

When you take the battery out nothing really happens. I tried it myself and it did nothing.

You had rolled a 94' 50 mustang It has been sitting in your garage getting repaired The battery died so you replaced Car will not start Its on the edge of turning over but it will not Any suggestions?

have tried the fuel cut-off switch? I have not. I tried starter fluid. New fuel. I guess that will be my next bet.

Can a dry cell battery be recharged?

yes i have recently tried that

How can you charge a battery with out it being in the phone?

NO not so far that i have tried.

How do you fix error message on CD player on 2004 ford explorer Eddie Bauer?

My CD player on a 2001 Ford Taurus would so "no" when you tried to do do any function on the CD player. I had the battery replaced in the car and the CD player started to work. I have found other referances to ford CD players where the power had to be removed from the radio and that reset the error and it would work find after that

How do you remove a key locked in the ignition on a 2006 aztek Pontiac?

Is anything else going on? Will it start? If not take the battery cables off and reattach them. This is a common problem that I have had to address with mine. With mine nothing electrical would work as well, no lights, radio, etc... If I shook the cable the lights would click on and then it would die again when I tried to start it until I removed the cable and replaced it.

I parked my car for over a year and when I tried starting the car the battery is stone dead I would like to know can the battery be revived if yes how.?

You need to charge the battery with a battery charger.

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