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According to the owner's manual - you need to shut off the ignition and wait about 10 minutes for the theft system to reset. It usually doesn't take a full ten minutes, in my experience, more like 5 minutes. My own online search about this indicates that this module can go out and leave you stranded - don't know about disconnecting it.

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Q: What do you do when the theft system on a 99 Olds Cutlass engages occasionally when you try to start the car?
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Why does the car not start while security light on 1994 oldsmoble cutlass?

Passlock security system needs repair - gm dealer only as reprograming is part of the fix

What is the necessity of a starter?

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Wiring diagram for a 1987 Oldsmobile cutlass sierra?

Engine rotates but will not start

How does the bendix solenoid know when to retract so the gear will not grind in the flywheel?

When you turn the key all the way forward to start the vehicle, that not only turns your ignition system on, it also engages the starter and bendix drive. When you release the ignition switch, it returns to the position where the ignition is still hot, but the power to the side of the solenoid that engages the bendix drive is dead.

What are some things to check when 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme won't start?

The most obvious thing to check when a 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme won't start is to make sure that the vehicle has gas. You should also check the battery. If the car clicks when you try to start it, it is likely the alternator.

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What if your 91 olds cutlass supreme 3 1 engine runs fine when first start up then it begins to run a bit rough and occasionally the check engine light comes on What could be the cause?

Take it down to AutoZone or other parts store. Have them pull the codes...they'll do it for free. This will give you a place to start. They can tell you what the codes mean.

1995 cutlass will only start in Neutral?

you PROBABLY have a defective park/neutral safety switch

Why would a 1992 Olds Cutlass Ciera crank but not start?

Cracked distributer cap or fuel pump

Your 95 cutlass will start then shut right off whats the problem?

There are a number of reasons why a 95 Cutlass would start then shut right off. The problem could be the fuel line going bad, the battery terminals could be dirty, or loose, or wires could be bad.

Why is Infiniti G20 1995 occasionally not starting after recently have alternator and starter replaced?

Why is Infinity G20 1995 occasionally not starting. I have to put it in neutural to start.

How do you start a 1994 Oldsmoble Cutlass when the security light is on?

this vehicle probably has a foctory security system called passlock. to reset it you must place the key in the ignition and try to start the car.leave the switch on weather it starts or not. leave it on for 15 minuts then turn it off for a few seconds and try to start.if it fails to start try again.

WhyOldsmobile Cutlass Supreme won't start then will start later?

It might be a starter going bad. Had the same problem and was told that it just needed a new starter.

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More than likely it has a bad magnet in the ignition switch you need to replace the switch and then relearn the security system

What can i do to get a 88 Oldmobile cutlass supreme to start i just had the coil packs changed what else could it be?

Check the crank sensor

How much will it cost to fix timing belt on a 93 olds cutlass?

1000+ to start you may have done valve damage

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Why does your 1987 cutlass turn off when it hits 35 miles an hour?

Not much info to go on but start with replacing the fuel filter.

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Why won't a 97 Cutlass not start in the mornings and it take about 5 minutes to acutally get it going then it will start when when ever you want the rest of the day What's wrong?

Possible defective fuel pressure regulator.

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84 Oldsmobile cutlass want start to idle or run?

The most common reason for an engine not to start is a lack of fuel. A plugged air filter can cause and engine to idle rough or not idle at all.