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You didn't give your age so I don't know if you are very young or in your mid to late teens or older. It depends on how far your relationship has come and if you are sure you are not reading more into the relationship than is actually happening. If you have told each other you are in love, then that's different. Unless you are at least 16 then there isn't much you can do about it, but if you are older you can have him come visit or you can visit him. According to this board long term relationships seem to work out, although I do have my own doubts about that one. I think the percentage is very low. If living at home never be afraid to discuss this with your mother or older sister and see what they can come up with. My niece had her first love when she was 16 and although not dating steady when her boyfriend moved she was so upset. The young man was very nice, and her mother was smart enough to invite him out for a weekend to stay (of course they slept in different rooms) and now, my niece has gone on to someone else. When young the person we are with is the person you feel you will love forever, but in reality we meet many young men we fall in love with and move on until we meet that special someone and get married. I don't know of a friend of mine that doesn't remember their first love and I certainly do remember mine. That will always be special. Talk it out with your mother if you are at home, and if you are living alone then talk it over with the guy you are in love with and see what you can do. If there is a will there is a way! Good luck Marcy

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Q: What do you do when you are moving and the guy you really like is falling in love with you?
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