What do you do when you broke up with your no-good boyfriend but he still calls you and tells you he has a new girlfriend but if it doesn't work out he wants you back?

You shouldn't even be talking to this jerk on the phone! Don't answer when he calls. If you don't have Call Display from your phone company, then get it (not that expensive.) If it's your cell phone then you'd recognize the #. This guy is really a jerk because he admits you aren't important enough to be with and must have good reasons to think you'll take him back and if he gets tired of the girl he's with he thinks he can just waltz right back in the door to you. You have to ask yourself why he would think that. It isn't easy leaving someone you loved once and perhaps have been with for several months to a few years, but it can be done and a lot of us on this board have done it. You've got more strength girl than you realize. Be independent and NEVER rely solely on a man. Women can get along in the world without a man if they choose too. There are some good men out there so give yourself the freedom to get to know who you are, what your strengths are and you'll start to feel free as a bird. Don't tie yourself up with this jerk and miss out on meeting a real man who will treat you right! Good luck hon Marcy