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Give them your blessings.

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It might be the case that she want to be friend with you. She also might want her boyfriend to be your friend also. It depends on her totally there can be many other reasons as well.

Sounds like she is the one who needs to make a choice. Let them have each other. Find a new friend and girlfriend who come with less baggage and drama.

If there is a situation where your friend and girlfriend are together and the friend is flirting with the girlfriend then your friend isnÕt a very good friend. If you girlfriend tells you everything then confront you friend about his behavior and decide if you two can still be friends.

Do you like that friend who asked you out? If yes, try and be friends with him and when the other friend who has a girlfriend becomes a single, you can be quite closer friends with him. Maybe its a good idea to hold it as a double date like with a group. If he doesn't like that idea, go with him but don't be so romantic, be a little bit playful! Wish you luck!

You should share your concern with your girlfriend and ask her directly that what she wants from your relationship. Also ask your best friend to help clear the matter. If he is also interested in your girlfriend then maybe its better to dump both of them. Since a true friend/girlfriend will never do so to you.

Boo-Boo (best friend) Ranger Smith (friend, rival) Cindy (girlfriend, wife) Yogi is also friends with most of the other Hanna-Barbera

Yes you can but it also helps if your girlfriend isn't the jealous type.

You continue to be his best friend and nothing more. As long as he's with another girl, he's not with you. You should make sure to enforce that. You do not want to become "the other woman" in a cheating relationship. Also it would show him not to be a trustworthy person if he is willing to cheat on his girlfriend with you. If he really is in love with you and not with his girlfriend, he will leave her for you. Until that happens, you continue to support him as the best friend you've always been.

A friend is just a friend, and a lover is your boyfriend/girlfriend, or husband/wife. However, it helps if your partner is also your best friend!

Anita, who was also Bernardos girlfriend

"His girlfriend" is: be'at'ééd -- (his girl) or bich'áayaa íí'áhí --(his " one that sticks up from under his armpit")"my girlfriend": she'at'éédalso: shik'is (but this means more my friend or cousin)Also nowadays people sometimes mix English and Navajo to make: "shi girlfriend"."Díí shi girlfriend át'é!" -- "This is my girlfriend!"

yes they can, and they can also open theyre own stores!

Yeah I have a similar problem to that. You need to decide who you love more, your girlfriend or your girlfriends best friend. It's your choice what you do, but if I'm honest, if I were you, I'd stay with your girlfriend, and tell her best friend that you love your girlfriend, because it's not worth it to dump her for her best friend. It's not a nice thing to do either :)

Yes it is, girlfriend, lover, the other woman, and the home wrecker.

You already have a girlfriend & you need to respect her & your relationship. Any other woman should be off limits. However, if you desperately feel as though you need to act upon your feelings, LEAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND - she deserves better. Please, do not drag her along or cheat on her. Also, if you do decide to choose your best friend over your girlfriend, you have to live with you decision. Don't try to run back to your girlfriend if things don't work out. Be prepared to live with your decision.

she is Percy best friend and daughter of Athena also percys future girlfriend

jealousy and also the desire to be loved nd given attention

This is strictly up to your male best friend to decide what to do. If he truly loved you he would be talking to his girlfriend (also YOUR friend.) Be careful! He could be stringing both of you along and you could lose out on a good female friend. I just had this happen to a girlfriend of mine. This guy is playing one of her friends along as well as my single friend (I've known about it) but they need to find out for themselves. I'd love to be a fly now that they have both just found out what this guy was up too.

No not exactly. If your "Best Friend" is really your best friend he won't hit on her.And if she really loves you she wouldn't hit on him either. if your upset about this and your worried,talk to your girlfriend I'm sure she could explain. but also talk to your best friend. i hope everything works out.

Basically this is a yucky situation. The fact that your girlfriend is bisexual is irrelevant; if she were straight and were in love with your male best friend, you'd be in the same boat. It sounds like you are not okay with the situation. Some relationships might be negotiated to allow this kind of situation, but you are obviously not open to this situation. You simply have to tell your girlfriend that you need more of a monogamous relationship. It's okay for you two to love each other but also decide not to stay together. If your friend has expressed interest in your girlfriend back, then your friend has betrayed you. If she has not, or doesn't know, then there is no need to raise any of these issues with her. If she has, you should tell your friend that she has betrayed you (how and why), and that you are mad. Whether you two can reconcile depends on where you go from there and how you feel.

"un ami / une amie" is a friend. It can be used also to mean 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend'

he probably means that he likes you as a friend, but doesn't as a girlfriend

well you should not take a girls man. but the other guy i would ask him how he really feels about you. and not a sexual way a way his heart feels

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