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Yeah I have a similar problem to that. You need to decide who you love more, your girlfriend or your girlfriends best friend. It's your choice what you do, but if I'm honest, if I were you, I'd stay with your girlfriend, and tell her best friend that you love your girlfriend, because it's not worth it to dump her for her best friend. It's not a nice thing to do either :)

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Obviously this could depend on when did you and the girlfriend become friends, when did she start dating your ex, and last but not least how much do you value her friendship, and is he the man you want to spend the rest of your life with. Best to get on with your life, you had your chance with him

she's in the mode to cheat and your friends are not true friends! like seriously what kinda friend will help or join your girlfriend to cheat on you? and btw your girlfriend is not serious with you

if you ask him if you look pretty and he gets kinda nervous. if hes worried about how your feelings. he rather talk to you than his friends.(:

well you should be nice to your friend and his girlfriend. im not sure if it will work though. kinda act like you would be a better girlfriend than ur friends girlfriend. i dnt know what else to add. sorry if its not a helpful answer. Good luck

go with the guy she kinda likes if she goes with the other one her friend will get mad at her and not talk to her anymore and you should let your friend be happy with her boyfriend

First, ask your friend if she still has feelings for him, if she asks why, say that you kinda like him. Tell her it's okay, and that if she still has feelings for him, that you won't go out with him. If you're really friends with her, you'll listen to this advice. The same thing happened to me last week with my best friend. Boyfriends come and go; liking a boy is not worth jeopardizing a good friendship.

well if that ever happens just don't unless you want to hurt your friends feelings, or you will have to tell your friend if they are a good mate they will understand

they will hang around her/him and not you and they will kinda block you out of their circle of friends and other stuff like that !!!

Allis best friend in the whole wide world is Riley H. she also is kinda friends with Kibsain but not really.

Sometimes guys are confusing so I might be wrong, but it probably means your guy friend likes you. it could not, but it probably does. ask him. if you're really friends it wont matter to either of you whether he says yes or no, because you'll still be friends. and if YOU like him, then cool, you got a boyfriend. you and your guy friend could decide that you dont want to risk your friendship, though, so maybe not. its kinda confusing, but it'll work out, whether you guys are friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. :D

Its kinda hard to say Gwen is Cody's friend but Cody isn't really Gwen's friend

so ur kinda in da middle u kinda like them but not enuf to b in a relationship...i'd just call it a casual relationship

Let's call the friend you like Friend A and the friend you don't Friend B. It's really none of your business who Friend A wants to be friends with. If she wants to be friends with Friend B, let her. Don't be a control-freak.

if u still have feelings for him when he's in college you can probably go for it because when you get older age doesn't matter as much

The same thing happened to my friend. It depends. Have you talked to her yet? What is the status of your relationship? If you aren't even friends yet have one of your friends talk to her or her friends. If all goes well you can talk to her. Eventually you'll make really good friends and wait till she is allowed to. It's kinda like being boyfriend and girlfriend without the label.

That is a personal question. But you shouldn't interfere because the guy probably likes his girl-friend. That's probably how come he chose her... I would like to add onto this, that you should respect the girlfriend and just keep the feelings to yourself in the meanwhile because if you do confess your feelings, you may cause them to break up if he is an unsure guy, mess up your friendship as it will become kinda complicated or it will make life uneasy for the both of you!

Talk to her and tell you how you feel about it, but do not make an argument about it. Let her explain her position on it. Remember she is her own person and is entitled to have her own friends, which will not always be your friends too.

i think you are their servants and they are your friend because you can sleep with them and cuddle so that kinda makes them your friend and you are their servant because you have to feed them and care for them and do all that so your answer to your question is both

date the girl you like most tell the girl ur dating that its not gonna work out and then if you want to ask her friend to say it instead of you

well it all depends on what kinda friends she has around her if they are nasty loud friends who dont care text her anybody who hears there phone will look at it an answer it but if there cool friends just talk about something that all her friends can comment on and will get a kick out of and laugh at and they'll think ur cool

honestly, i would say that you have a better chance with your best guy friend because you know a lot about him. if you choose to go out with him, just make sure that you remind him that if anything like a break up should happen, you still want to be friends

she should kinda talk to him like nothing`s wierd and then kinda wrap it around to when she asks him out like..."hey maybe u need a girlfriend like blah blah blah"

Go up and talk to your friend about it but dont hide it if they get mad its not your fault and explain to them that you guys can still be friends without being jealos of one another!!

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