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Unless her parents have forbidden you to contact her then there is nothing to be afraid off. Most parents are very understanding and especially her father would relate to the fact as to how hard it is for a young man to call a girl (he was once a young man himself. LOL) If there is no reason you can't contact her then this is what you do: * If you phone and her mother or father answer then be very polite. Say, "Mrs.______this is _________could I please speak with _____. If the mother or father says she is busy then say, 'Would you mind if I called her a little later. Almost maintain good manners! Most young people today have cell phones so try getting this girl's cell phone number. If neither of these work out then go to the girl's house and introduce yourself to her parents. It takes guts, but then how much do you like the girl!

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Q: What do you do when you have a girls number but you are to afraid to phone her because her parents might pick up?
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