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contact dealer with vin # and proof of ownership to have key made

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Three way a motherboard can be programmed?

A motherboard cannot be programmed, per se.....

How do you program an ignition key for a 2007 Toyota Rav 4?

you need to take it to a Toyota dealer. this cannot be done without a Toyota special tool

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Can you program a new Nissan key?

The key itself cannot be programmed. The car can be programmed to accept the new key, however. This usually requires a technician at the dealer to do, but some vehicles can be programmed yourself IF you already have TWO keys programmed into the vehicle. The method can vary by car, but the owner's manual should contain the method.

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No, you cannot.

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How do you program a new pk3 key without the original?

Hi, from all I've read about it on the net, (and in my 2003 Olds Silhouette owner's manual) you cannot program the PK3 key yourself UNLESS you have at least one already programmed PK3 (master) key. You must go to your dealer if you don't have at least one programmed (original) PK3 key,..they have the special equipment to do it.

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