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I have been hurt and used many times by many guys and have lost trust for all. What you need to do is give it time, telling someone you love them is one thing but showing is more meaningful and effective. I am the most insecure girl you world ever meet when it comes to love. I am often told that I am very beautiful but I have found that looks don't get you far. I am sure many other girls feel this way, probally the one you are dating and the only solution is to make her feel loved. First you have establish a foundation of trust and friendship. Once you feel that you are best friends and can tell each other anything without hesitation that trust is there. You can not have a successful relationship if you are not the best of friends. Think of it this way, if you are not friends how can you be more than friends? I hope I make sense to you, the girl you told that you love does not find you sincere because you probally have not done a good job SHOWING it, she does not completely comfortable with you, or she does not feel that she knows you well enough. Just give it time and show more affection and work on building a better friendship. I hope my advice helps and if you have any more questions my name is Beautifull.

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Q: What do you do when you have told a girl that you love her but she does not seem to think you mean it?
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