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What do you do when you hear that your first love only went out with you for a bet?

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2006-09-10 21:02:42

I am very sorry this has happened to you and I know it hurts,

but try to look at as a learning process that not all people are

good people and life isn't always fair. Believe me, this guy will

get his before long and they always do. No one respects a sneak and

pond scum. The old saying "you lay down with dogs you get up with

fleas" means simply choose your friends wisely, so if any of his

friends were in on then his reputation becomes their reputation and

YOU DID NOTHING WRONG! This guy is a true loser. You can handle it

two ways. If you are embarrassed this happened to you then move on

and learn a good lesson from it (you aren't the first girl this has

happened too) or you can be feisty like I would be and wait until

his friends are around him and face him! Choose your words wisely,

BUT GET EVEN! Believe it or not most people have a conscience and

by telling him he was pond scum for pulling off such a rotten thing

and not considering how he would hurt you or anyone else he may do

this too in the future he's going to look like the senseless

village idiot he is. His friends will be seeing him through

different eyes too. School doesn't last forever and once you leave

school there is a big world out there and these types of people are

not even a memory to you any longer. Up on my fridge I have this


STILL HAVE CONTROL OVER YOU!" Either have a good cry over it and

move on, or, face the guy and let him have it! Which ever way you

decide you are the winner and he's the loser!

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