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Some people say that the best friends make the best of lovers but don't push it whatever you do if she's interested in you it'll come out just don't try to be over protective of her when your around her boyfriend because men can sense those things and try and get you out of the picture so if your her friend be her friend but don't complicate things by saying something that might separate you and her. Just wait be patient if she feels the same you do it will all come out. Be hopeful and pray about it.

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Q: What do you do when you love a friend you have known for a long time but she is going out with someone else?
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What you did when your girl friend going to marry with someone else?

you have to be happy with your girlfriend's happiness....

His friend told you he liked you what should you do?

assure him that you guys are friends and your going out with his friend and that he'll find someone else

What if your best friend likes you and asked you out and you are secretly dating someone else?

well if you like your best friend then you should go out with him|her... but if you don't your best friend then you should tell him|her, that you are going out with someone already.

If your best friend is going out with the cutiest guy and you like himwhat do you do?

Nothing - that is your friend and they are in a relationship. Move on and find someone else that is single.

I love my best friend's boyfriend.... help?

Woah! Do not do this! She is your best friend! i think its better if you tried going out with someone else! Else i am afraid you might lose your best friend...

Someone that's kinda my friend told me my girlfriend called someone else hot what do i do?

Get over it just because you two are dating doesn't mean shes not going to find someone else attractive.

How do you get over a guy you really like how is going out with your best friend?

start liking someone else the boy might get jealous and ask you out but then you have to deal with your friend

Your friend is going out with a boy that you like what should you do?

Be happy that your friends are happy together, and find someone else for yourself.

How do you turn down a guy friend for a date?

Just say no thanks, I have another date. I am going with someone else.

What do you do when you like a guy but your already going out with someone and your his friend but he likes someone else and your boyfriend is his friend too?

If your dating someone and like someone else you should really not be dating anyone until you sort out your feelings. Take time, be single and sort out your feelings. screw that if you like someone else and your alerdy going out with someone ask the person out (secretly) and if they say yes brake up with your original boyfriend or girlfriend and go out with the person you asked

I went out with my friend once and it didn't work out now am going out with someone else but all i can think about it my other friend what should i do?

Are you sure that you don't still have feelings for your friend or is just that you miss how close you are? i think you need to decide because its not fair on your new boyfriend/girlfriend if you have feelings for someone else.

What do you do when you like someone your friend is dating?

Like someone else.

What to do if you like someone else and this guy asks you out?

Tell him nicely that your sorry but you like someone else, my friend was asked out by a boy when she liked someone else and she kept them hanging for ages and in the end lost him as a friend completely

You like these two girl but ones going out with your friend and the other likes someone else how do you make one of them ask you out without you asking them out?

make them like you!and kill your friend

What should you do if you found out your friend likes someone but is going out with your best friend?

At this point let things be. If they are still together and nothing is apparent then do involve yourself in someone else's affairs. If you find things go further you may want to talk with them and make them aware of what is going on.

Like someone who is going out with someone else?

deal with it

How can you get your best friend back from someone else?

The way to get your best friend back from someone else is to remain calm. The new person may be a fad. It is okay for someone's best friend to have other friends. If this person is changing, have a talk with them.

What do I do when my best friend comes to my house then leaves and don't talk to me since then and then start hanging with someone else and call them their best friend?

I suggest that you talk to them and tell them why they are saying that someone else is there best friend that's my advice

Im a girl and i want to go out with this girl but she already goes out with someone should i tell her you mean shes my friend?

If she's going out with someone else then she is not available. Sorry dear, you'll just have to put it on the self and find someone else.

What do you do if your going out with someone but like someone else?

Why are you? Don't - if you can, drop them.

Should you continue to try to get a girl's attention after your friend is going out with her?

No. Not unless they are already finished. If you are a good friend, you will not mess with his relationship, and if you do mess with it and she dumps him for you, she will probably dump you for someone else, too.

What does it mean to cheat at someone?

When someone is cheating on you for e.g going out with someone else while going out with another person

What if you have a boyfriend but love someone else?

brake up with him sorry but if you like someone else it wouldn't be fair for our boy friend

What should you do your best friend goes with some one else?

because your friend has found someone else who they like.

What do you do if your going out with someone but you like his best friend more and your best friend hates your boyfriend?

First of all it should not ever matter what your friends think - if you like someone that is your business and none of theirs. And secondly, if you are with someone but have feelings for someone else you should not be dating anyone until you take some time to sort out your feelings. You cannot be in a relationship if you harbour feelings for someone else and expect it to work out.