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What do you do when you love a guy who doesn't love you back?


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Get over him and move on. Sorry but loving someone without the love returned is irrational..

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Answer How about Goodbye. Better to leave this guy to his own devices and you go on with your life as there is nothing to be had with him

then your just too good for him and he knows it. move on. there are plenty of other fish in the sea that will love you and they are prolly better that this guy who doesnt love you back.

That means the guy has to move on with his life. But if he doesnt find out she has to let him down easy.

because they get shy and giggly or she just doesnt like him back. k

I would try to get him back but if it doesnt work find a new one and kick that guy out of your minnd girlfreind.

he might not be ready to say he loves you back right there. But that doesnt mean he wont say i love you in the future. (:

yes, its just how guys are, however, it doesnt mean that he doesnt care about you or love you!

Question is: Is he interested in you?

Its simple. Age doesnt matter. But on how you both love each other counts. -KatyBell

she doesnt love you back!! get over it!

To get the attention of a guy that you love but he doesn't love you back would be to talk about some things that he likes just to get you started.

no it doesnt...flirting can be harmless nonsence, just cause a guy chats with another woman doesnt mean he doesn love his wife..

ask him out. So he doesnt have the pressure. Im a guy too.

It's normal. But no... it is not wrong at all.

Then it becomes unbalance. It is possible that the person is not interested.

the guy may be busy or he just doesnt feel like texting people or the text that you sent him didnt go through.

Two options: first, you could forgive and forget because she doesnt love you anymore and why push something that is not meant to be? And the other o

you look at his facial expression. if he is giving you the look when he says it then he doesnt really love you if he doesnt then your ok.

Everybody loves somebody sometimes

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