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That's a hard question to answer. I suppose that if they want nothing to do with you anymore - and if they're basically acting as if you don't exist - then it should be time to let them go.

If the two of you still talk occasionally, then you can always try telling them how you feel. It doesn't have to be really forward or anything, just something like, "I really miss all those times." I know it sounds corny but it can work. But if you only get this love for them back when you see them and then it goes away later, then maybe you aren't that much "in love" with this person as you think you are.

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Q: What do you do when you love someone and they used to love you back but now when you see that person you still feel that feeling you did back then?
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What would be a word to describe the feeling you get when you find the person you love does not love you back?

Ouch. Or more precisely: Unrequited. That is the word for loving someone who does not love you back. To specifically describe the feeling, though, it still applies. The feeling of unrequited love is a very specific thing and cannot be summarized with 'regret', 'longing', or even 'sorrow'. It is a curious combination of all of those things, yet more.

How do you get your best friend to let go of someone who will never love them back?

Tell them what your feeling about that person and let them know that your trying to help them not hurt them.

Can you get trapped wind in your back?

A lot of people believe that a person can get trapped wind in the back which gives someone a feeling of bloating and chest pain and it is attributed by many to food and drinks.

How can you tell if someone loves you back?

If the other person pays attention to you, then he might love you back. Still you have to be sure by noticing signs.

Can you still win back your ex boyfriend if the reason he broke up with you is he in love with someone eles?

Depends if he is stuck on that other person still

Why do I get a strange bad feeling every time I go out with someone new or someone likes me back?

your not used to it

What is your boyfriend of five months thinking or feeling after breaking up with you and saying you can be friends?

He wants to get out and find someone else and if they dont work out he may still have a chance with u still because it would be easier to get back with u

How can you get over someone if everything reminds you of them?

I am sorry to hear you are hurting, but this is a very normal feeling when you split up from someone you still love. It takes time, but eventually that hurt goes away. As soon as you get over the worst of it (a grieving process in a sense) and get back on your feet and get out there with your friends you'll meet someone very special and be glad you didn't settle for this person. Hang on, be strong, and trust me ... you'll meet that special person soon.

What do you do when you like someone who is going out with someone else?

You'll be able to tell if they are meant to be. The best thing to do is just back off and wait. But still befriend the person you like so you know if they break up there's still a chance.

Love her feelings not mutual?

If the feeling isn't mutual, you can't force it to be. Can you really be in love with someone that does't love you? You deserve someone who can offer you something in return for your love. You deserve someone who can love you back, and this isn't the person that can do that for you. I know you'll find someone that you can SHARE a love with. Good luck:):):)

What is wrong when you are with someone you know you love but you just not feeling it that much anymore?

it means that the spark that you two had is starting to dwindle. you need to take the person somewhere that you know that they would like and get that spark back.

How do you get back with an ex?

Tell him/her that you still have feelings for them. Well yah you could do that but if you really like that person you could tell that person likes you back is when he/she stares at you once in a while so but what i would do is i would move on then the person would want you back but the person your with now after the ex is you will forget and you will love someone else but do what your heart wants to do :D

What do you do if your confused about still being in love with someone?

There a number of things that you can do if you are confused about still being in love with someone. You should try to find out what still reminds you of that person. You can also talk to a professional to help you get a closure and move on or you can find your ex and talk about your feelings and see if you can get back together.

What do you do if you know someone likes you?

like the person back. love back. love always. say "me like" and point to that person

How can someone forget somebody they love so much?

over time people can forget pretty much anything, but to get the feeling back is easy when you are with them, also change can make a difference in a relationship, weather it is as a friend or more. Change and Time can either make the feeling become numb or make the feeling that you have change about the person, you once felt, was everything.

What do you call a person who is in love with someone who doesn't love them back?

i Dont really know but: Tell him that there are 7 billion people on Earth and that he will truly love someone when the person loves him back.

What does it mean when you dream about your ex ex boyfriend?

it mean u still have something for him... not a simple feeling but a feeling saying .. i want to be back with this guy or it mean you have strong feelings for him..

Does you ex still like you even though your with someone else?

They could, but if you are with someone else, it's better not to be entertaining possibilities. Either be with the person you are with or break up if you think you might want to be back with someone else. It isn't fair to the person you are with to be with them, but to be thinking of someone else. If you are just curious, you could always ask them, then encourage them to move on.

Importance of kiss in love?

When you kiss the person you love it gives you feeling that you want your dead grampa back.

If your ex flirts with you does that mean he wants you back?

maybe he still has feeling for you. but not in the way where he wants to date you again. you know? when you break you with someone you will always have feelings for them. all girls do but not if they were abused or hurt or using that man they will have feelings after the break up i still like a guy i dated .

What does it mean when someone tells you to put it on a back burner?

Depends on what they are referring to. If they are referring to putting the relationship on the back burner then they are not really wanting to be too serious about the relationship. If the person is saying that they were put on the back burner, it refers to you ignoring them meanwhile trying to find someone who you think is better and just in case things don't work out with that individual, you still have the other person you put on the back burner. Basically, the person is seen as not that important and 2nd best and you always think that they will be waiting for you. If someone did this to you then I suggest you leave them in the dust because no one should ever put you on the back burner. Plus it shows how selfish someone is and if they are that inconsiderate about your feelings then you probably shouldn't be with them. If you're the person who did this to someone then you might want to apologize because that's one of the worst things that you can do to someone. You're playing with someone's emotions and not caring about how they will feel by your actions. It shows that you only care about what's best for you. If he/she is able to see that you're putting them on the back burner, then odds of them staying or rekindling with you are very slim to none.When someone tells you to put it on the back burner they are basically telling you to 'keep it warm' because the possibility of the relationship resuming is still there. No one should wait for another by 'putting it on the back burner' and should get on with their life and if that person that made the comment really loves the person they will come back into their life and if not then the person the comment was meant for will not have wasted time and energy on this person.

How can you lose feeling for someone you liked but you aren't together anymore?

Get back out into the dating world and find someone else, there are plenty of other fish in the sea as they say.

Is walk on your back an idiom?

No, someone actually walks on your back to pop the backbones back into shape, but they have to be a small person.

What is an adjectives that begins with the letter M that describes someone who has your back?

Such a person is magnificent. Such a person is marvelous.

What is the difference between next to someone and behind someone?

next to is when you are to the left or right of a person, behind someone is when your back is facing them